11 Fashion Trends ‘In’ For 2024

11 Fashion Trends ‘In’ For 2024

You’ve probably seen the ‘Ins and Outs’ trend populating your socials as of lately. It’s essentially a twist on the classic New Year’s Resolutions. ‘Ins and Outs’ can pertain to anything from goals and habits to fashion and style. We’re not here to tell you what fashion trends are ‘out’, because if you like it. Keep it. But it’s always fun to discuss what fashion trends are anticipated to be ‘in’ and louder than ever in the new year. Some of these fashion trends have already marked their debut, while others are waiting for their perfect moment to shine. 


We hope you haven’t had enough of the colour red yet, because it’s here to stay! Yes, red as a colour is a classic that will likely never go out of style, but right now and for the foreseeable future, the colour is stronger than ever in the fashion world. From tights to knits, it’s all in. 


The bow trend comes as no surprise, as over the past year, bows have been taking over in the form of hair accessories, outfit motifs, etc. And they’re here to stay! During 2024, expect to see a lot of bows and ribbons – even outside of fashion. 

Leopard Print

Not to give you Jersey Shore flashbacks, but leopard print is making a major comeback. But in a more… chic way. Leopard print is one of those prints that will never fully go out of style, but it has its moments when it’s more prevalent. Expect 2024 to be one of those moments. Leopard print jackets are such a vibe. 

Mini Hems

Speaking of hems getting higher… expect to see a lot of mini skirts (and shorts for that matter), throughout the year. According to the Hemline index theory, skirt lengths get shorter in good economic times and longer in bad ones. Maybe this is a good sign for 2024? Either way, get ready to show off some leg (or tights)! 


Tights in all colours, patterns, and designs will remain to be a huge fashion trend in 2024. With hemlines getting higher, tights offer an element of extra coverage and interest to an outfit. Plus, they’re so fun to play around with and style! Swapping a pair of black tights for a pair of lace ones can change up an entire outfit. We’d say you need at least a black, red, and lace pair to get you started. 

Large Bags

If you’re over carrying bags that fit next to nothing, you’re in luck. Large, slouchy bags you can essentially fit your whole life in, are said to be huge this year, specifically in a leather or suede fabric and a relaxed silhouette with little to no logos. It’s giving *quiet luxury*. 

Slim Pants

Don’t stress. We aren’t talking skinny jeans here. Slim pants, as in straight leg, cigarette pants, or otherwise just generally slimmer fitting pants will be a favourite pant style of choice in 2024. Over the past year, it was all about baggy, loose-fitting jeans and pants, so it’s only natural to want to switch it up a bit in the new year!


With current trends like tights, bows, short skirts, and quiet luxury, it’s no surprise that preppy has been labelled as a top trend for 2024! To nail the trend, simply dress like you attend an expensive private school. Just like Blair and Serena, you can definitely put your own twist on this trend. 


We’re not leaving sparkles and sequins in the holiday season this year, we’re bringing them into 2024! As seen in 2024 runway shows, sequins for all seasons and occasions will be a theme throughout the year. Sequin shorts for a summer BBQ? Heck yes. 

Statement Jewellery 

Statement jewellery of all kinds are so in right now. We won’t go as far to say the statement necklaces of the 2010s are back. But chunky jewellery, mixed metals, stacked dangle bracelets, and otherwise costume-style jewellery will be a styling theme this year. It’s also worth noting that big early-2000s-style sunglasses are making a resurgence!


Come springtime, get ready to bring out the capris! People seem to feel really strongly about the cropped pants, but we urge you to give them a chance. They’re a great option for the “in-between” weather spring has to offer, and are actually quite practical. If you still need some convincing, think Audrey Hepburn.

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