You Can Get Flights For Under $200 During Air Canada’s Sun Sale

You Can Get Flights For Under $200 During Air Canada's Sun Sale

If seeing your friends beach pics are giving you major FOMO, then it might be time to book yourself a little winter getaway. And your timing could not be better because right now, Air Canada’s Sun Sale is offering flights for under $200.

The sale is on until December 11 and it includes international flights as well as domestic.

Imagine flying from Toronto to Vancouver for $179 instead of paying upwards of $500. Thinking about heading down to Florida for a few days? Book your flight to Fort Myers for just $169.

air canada sale
Air Canada

If you’re looking to go even further south and into the Caribbean, you’ll want to book your flights ASAP. For a little more money you can score deals to destinations like Antigua for $326, Jamaica for $243, Grand Cayman for $244, Bahamas for $217, and more.

Thanks to this sale You can even fly to Hamilton, Bermuda for only $153!

There are also flights to from Toronto Boston, New York, and Atlanta available for under $200. For just over $200, you can head to destinations like Los Angeles, Hawaii, Nashville, Las Vegas, and more.

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