Indigo Is Partnering With A Café Chain To Open Stores In Select Locations

Goodbye Starbucks? Indigo just announced its partnership with Canada-based Good Earth Coffeehouse which will open cafés in select locations. 

Indigo plans to convert its available café spaces to offer its customers a chance to support a local business. 

Peter Ruis, President of Indigo, said in a release to Newswire, “With aligned core values of quality, a commitment to sustainable practices, and bringing people together, it could not be a more natural fit. Good Earth prides itself in being a community coffeehouse with good food, and we’re thrilled to be able to offer our customers an opportunity to enjoy the space and connect with one another while they shop with us.” 

If you’ve never heard of Good Earth Coffeehouse, well then say hello to your new fave coffee shop.

The founder, Nan Eskenazi, opened the first store back in 1991 in Calgary, Alberta, and now operates over 40 locations across Canada. 

Good Earth offers handcrafted, ethically sourced coffee and espresso.

You’ll also be able to order a variety of cold drinks like smoothies, cold brew, tea lemonades, fresh juices, and more, plus dairy-free options!

No word on whether Starbucks locations inside of select Indigos will be moved, or the café will take up previous spaces, but we do know that Indigo will remain open throughout all renovations.

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