I Tried Getting Injectables At The Beauty Clinic By Shoppers Drug Mart

I Tried Getting Injectables At The Beauty Clinic By Shoppers Drug Mart

In this day and age, some people are trying to stop aging all-together with new anti-aging procedures, products, and treatments coming out every day. I had been curious about getting injectables like preventive Botox for a while but as a needle newbie, I had no idea where to even begin. My search landed me on the website for the new Beauty Clinic by Shoppers Drug Mart which is totally different than the Shoppers stores we all know and love.

The Beauty Clinic is more of a medi-spa that offers services like medical-grade peels, laser hair removal, and injectables, to name a few.


If you’re wondering what the inside of The Beauty Clinic looks like, don’t expect it to look like your neighbourhood Shoppers store. I visited the location at Shops at Don Mills which is gorgeous and didn’t smell like a dentist’s office.

In addition to the long list of services you can book, The Beauty Clinic also has a number of products from brands like Skinceuticals, Skinmedica, and Universkin available to purchase.

injectables shoppers beauty clinic

Because I haven’t even hit age 30 yet, I got so many questions from people wondering why the heck I’d want to get Botox. First of all, back off. I know it’s a hot topic these days and folks everywhere aren’t afraid to give their two cents, but I firmly believe that the only opinion that should matter is your own because it’s your face and body. It’s also important to speak to your medical doctor before getting any procedures done to ensure they’re right for you.

As someone who doesn’t have pronounced wrinkles yet, I was only interested in getting preventive Botox, which essentially freezes the parts of the face where wrinkles will eventually start to appear.

injectables shoppers beauty clinic

Upon arriving at The Beauty Clinic, I was quickly escorted into a private treatment room to meet with my practitioner Brenda, whose calmness put my sudden nerves to rest. We then determined the areas of my face where I was going to be injected and what I could expect my results to be like.

While I went in expecting to be injected with Botox, my practitioner made the call to use Dysport, which is very similar to Botox.

injectables shoppers beauty clinic

I chose to receive injections in my forehead to prevent lines from forming, between my eyes which will stop frown lines, and around my eyes to prevent crows feet. After going through all the potential risks and/or side effects, we started, and I hardly felt a thing. I was injected with about 37 units of Dysport which is fairly conservative for a first-timer, according to Brenda.

After the procedure, I did have a bit of a headache, but it wasn’t anything major or unbearable.

I simply went home, popped some Tylenol, and continued on with my day. I started to notice the results of the procedure within about four days and I honestly couldn’t frown even if I wanted to. Basically, I couldn’t be happier.

A few folks did remark that I looked more relaxed, which I imagine has something to do with the fact that I don’t frown anymore. Apparently before receiving the injections I would frown without realizing it, so I’m glad that I got that remedied.


I went back to The Beauty Clinic about a week after my treatment for a follow up appointment that was super quick.

I had a different practitioner but he was just as attentive and friendly. This appointment was just to make sure I was pleased with my results and to ensure I didn’t have any negative side-effects.

I would definitely visit The Beauty Clinic again for injectables as the experience I had was so positive and informative. It’s a great place to go as it’s reasonably priced and you can even use your PC Optimum card too!

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