Is Fab Fit Fun Really Worth All The Hype? We Find Out

Is Fab Fit Fun Really Worth All The Hype? We Find Out

With millennial spending on subscription boxes in Canada being on the rise, new subscription companies keep launching and it’s becoming even more tough to decide which subscription services are actually worth it. With hundreds of subscriptions boxes, like Fab Fit Fun, available to ship quarterly, monthly, and even weekly, how can we decide which ones are worth our precious dollars? Global subscription spending is growing at 30% annually so we should probably be a bit more careful, and avoid the subscription trap. It happens to the best of us because when you sign up for a subscription, we often forget about it, and it renews and renews, racking up a $150 per month credit card charge for the average Canadian subscriber. So back to my original question, is there a subscription box that is worth it? The answer is yes.

Fab Fit Fun is most definitely worth the hype and here’s why.

The Value Is Great


The way Fab Fit Fun works is that you receive a customized box every season, four times per year. Each box is valued at over $200, with some boxes nearing $400. Essentially, you end up paying $200 for $800-$1200 worth of product — amazing, right?! You receive about 8 items per box and though you wouldn’t necessarily pay retail prices for these sometimes overhyped fad items, getting them at a small fraction of the price is really fun!

It’s all customizable


Right from when you sign up to the service you fill in an extensive survey that covers everything from your beauty, fitness, and other lifestyle preferences. From whether your hair is coloured and how often you exercise, to whether you prefer lipstick or lipgloss, Fab Fit Fun tries to cover everything. On top of that, before each box is mailed, you get to customize even further! Each box comes with three to four items which every subscriber receives. There are an additional few items that you get to select from based on your lifestyle or can keep it a surprise — it’s totally up to you!

You can always regift


One thing I absolutely love about Fab Fit Fun is that I’m constantly discovering new brands. Sometimes they are a hit and sometimes they are a miss though. For example, if every box receives a tea pot, for example and you don’t drink tea, then you end up with a tea pot that is going to go to waste — unless you regift it! Since these products are all full size and always on trend, you will almost always have someone to regift these unopened, never used popular products to.

There are add ons


Before each Fab Fit Fun box gets sent out to you, there is a period of a couple weeks where you are able to “add on” to your order. The add on section of the Fab Fit Fun site offers full sized products that you may have ran out of from a previous box, or a wider product range to some of the brands subscribers loved from previous boxes. The best part? These add-ons come in your upcoming box so there are no added shipping fees!

There are members-only discounts


The last perk? Each box comes with a little “magazine” that highlights each product, its uses, and other additional info you may find interesting. At the back of the magazine you’ll find discount codes for most of the brands in the box, so that you can order what you love direct from those brands at any time. 

**Please note: prices listed above are in US dollars, shipping and duties may apply.**

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