9 Of The Hottest Fashion Brands On Instagram Right Now

9 Of The Hottest Fashion Brands On Instagram Right Now

Instagram is a go-to spot for many when it comes to checking out cool brands and of course, fashion inspo. These days, you can pretty much tell if you vibe with a brand just from a quick glance at its Instagram profile. We’ve personally found some of our favourite fashion brands through the gram. Some of the hottest brands have found fame through having an amazing Instagram profiles, however, Instagram can be quite saturated at times, so we did the work for you.

Here are 9 of the hottest fashion brands on Instagram right now, and are definitely worth checking out! 



Jacquemus has been seen all over Instagram thanks to its creative handbags that range in size, specifically, the not-so-practical but oh-so-cute micro-bag. This bag sparked an Insta-wide discussion and obsession with the brand. It’s not just the handbags that have influencers and bloggers clamouring to get their hands on all things Jacquemus — last year the brand’s polka dot fringe skirt was a major hit and was seen on all the major street style stars.



Ganni is a ready-to-wear Danish clothing brand that became wildly popular on Instagram for taking contemporary Scandinavian fashion to a new and playful level. Using super fun prints, and classic silhouettes, Ganni is definitely a brand you’ll want hanging in your closet.



It’s no secret that Reformation has a huge presence on Instagram with a cool 1.6M followers. Known for being a trendy yet sustainable womenswear clothing brand, the brand is famous for its feminine dresses and amazing denim. It’s obvious that the folks at Ref put a lot of care into the sourcing of ethical fabrics and creating that perfect fit. Now that the brand has its first Canadian location at Yorkdale, we can shop any time we like!

Saks Potts


Saks Potts is another super trendy Scandinavian brand that you need to have on your radar. There’s a chance you’ve seen one of the brands flashy yet practical outerwear, but did you know you can shop an array of other items like swimwear? Saks Potts’ jackets are available in fun colours and patterns with luxurious furs and timeless silhouettes. They’ve even been seen on celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Kendall Jenner, and even North West! This is a brand that is testing fashion limits as the designs play with unique colours and fabrics that result in stand-out pieces that are attention grabbing and quite fun to look it.



AGOLDE has been taking Instagram by storm with its “cool girl” denim. These jeans are constantly popping up on our timelines as they’re being seen on different fashion bloggers and it’s obvious why. AGOLDE is an L.A based premium denim brand, but there are also other apparel options available. The brand strives to be innovative and sustainable and it offers just about every style of jean imaginable, and more. We love seeing how fashion bloggers style AGOLDE’s denim on the ‘gram!



Shrimps is a luxury British brand that started out as a faux-fur coat line, but now it carries just about everything else you’d ever want in a brand and specifically its accessories are what seem to stand out the most. Shrimps’ aesthetic is feminine and artistic and involves a lot of floral patterns and luxurious textures. You’ve probably seen Shrimps on Instagram as its beaded pearl handbag is a showstopper.



Staud is a ready-to-wear, affordable luxury brand and its selection of statement handbags, shoes, and chic vintage-inspired apparel. The brand is most popular for its stand-out handbags like the rope bucket bag that was everywhere this year. Staud has grown to be huge on Instagram quite quickly with its constantly trending pieces that have been seen on top influencers. Staud’s aesthetic is vintage-inspired, playful, and feminine and we just can’t get enough!



Veja is a sustainable French sneaker brand that’s been taking steps and leading by example to change the sneaker game. These cool kicks have been seen on Meghan Markle and since then, have gone viral. Consumers today value sustainability and Veja is serving them exactly what they’re asking for with the brands ethical sourcing and transparency values.

Realisation Par


Realisation Par is definitely up there as one of the hottest brands on the market right now. The brand aesthetic is cool girl meets feminine and really, what more could you ask for in a womenswear brand? Realisation Par has made the leopard print midi skirt go viral, and we don’t see them going anywhere anytime soon. This is a brand that’s really slaying the game with its feminine styles with fun and trendy prints, and with the perfect amount of contrast! 

Featured Image: Instagram/@pixelplex.inc