11 Items You Should Never Buy At The Dollar Store

11 Items You Should Never Buy At The Dollar Store

There’s something happens inside our brains when we step into any dollar store. We see signs with items available at crazy low prices, and even if we don’t need it, for some reason we just have to have it simply because it’s cheap. While the price may be right, it doesn’t mean the item is of quality or is even safe to use. When shopping at any store, it’s a good idea to remember that you really do get what you pay for. Now don’t get us wrong because here at StyleDemocracy, you know we love a good deal and bargain, but there are even things we think folks shouldn’t buy at the dollar store.

Read on for 11 items that you should never buy at the dollar store.


never buy at dollar store

While the dollar store might seem like a great place to get toys and other children’s items for less, it’s important to be mindful of the quality. Cheap toys from your local dollar store can easily break and small parts can be a real choking hazard for your kiddos.


Batteries purchased at your local dollar store might be poorly made, which means that they can drain super quick. Besides not lasting a long time, dollar store batteries can even leak so it’s best to purchase batteries from stores and brand names you can trust.


We know that the Apple store charges a pretty penny for its chargers (pun intended), but it might be worth it to spend a bit more. USB chargers from the dollar store likely won’t charge your smartphone or tablet quickly and some phones can even detect if the charger is a knockoff.

Plastic cooking utensils

never buy at dollar store

For all you home cooks out there, we know it can seem enticing to step into the dollar store and see various kitchen products available at such great prices. However, sometimes these kitchen utensils, especially the plastic ones, can contain chemicals aren’t good for you or your family. To be sure you’re not ingesting anything other than nutritious goodness, we suggest purchasing your spatulas and whisks from more reputable kitchen retailers.

Pet food

Our furry friends deserve the absolute best and that includes the food we feed them. Dollar store pet food and treats can often be made from sub-par ingredients, or the food itself might even be expired when placed on shelves. It’s recommended that you double-check ingredients and best before dates just to be on the safe side! Another pet item you might want to reconsider buying from the dollar store is a leash, especially if you’re looking for something with strength and durability.


never buy at dollar store

If you’re super careful about what products you put on your face, you might want to steer clear from dollar store makeup. While your local dollar store might carry a few name brands, it’s possible that these products didn’t make it past quality control, or contain harmful chemicals, or worse, could even be expired.

Canned goods

never buy at dollar store

We’d never think it, but canned goods available at the dollar store can often contain traces of BPA which is incredibly harmful. In addition to the health risks, you might not even be getting the best deal. It’s best to really know your prices and price match the canned goods sold at the grocery store.


never buy at dollar store

Did you know that sunscreens actually degrade over time? If you’re looking to save on some SPF at the dollar store, make sure you zone in on the expiration date before you buy.


never buy at dollar store

We know it’s exciting to find a great beauty dupe, but the fragrances available at the dollar store can possibly contain chemicals that should never be in perfume in the first place. We’re all about saving money, but perfumes should be purchased from reputable retailers for the peace of mind.


Buying cheap tools is fine for emergencies but if you’re looking for tools that’ll last you a while, the dollar store is not the place to buy them. It’s best to spend a bit more on items that you want to be of quality. Plus, there’s nothing worse that a pair of pliers or a screwdriver breaking mid-use, right? Visit HealthyHandyMan.com to help make an informed decision on these tools.


never buy at dollar store

Ask any chef or foodie where they buy their knives, and we’ll bet that the dollar store isn’t the place they’d recommend. You truly get what you pay for when it comes to knives so it really pays off to splurge when it comes to these items. A great knife is a kitchen essential so you really shouldn’t cheap out.

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