Keep Your Skin Clear All Year With These Tips And Skincare Expert Insight

Keep Your Skin Clear All Year With These Tips And Skincare Expert Insight

If you struggle with acne, achieving clear skin and taming breakouts can sometimes feel impossible. From intense skincare regimes and costly products to contradicting skincare advice on social media, building a skincare routine that works to keep your skin clear and radiant can involve a lot of trial and error. We’ve all been there. Although you can’t always completely control acne and breakouts, there are some tips and tricks to keep pesky pimples at a minimum. 

We spoke with Ju Rhyu, founder of Hero Cosmetics and the famous Mighty Patch, to discuss her insights into skincare and acne. Ju Rhyu founded Hero Cosmetics upon learning about pimple patches while living in South Korea. She was struggling with adult acne and saw Koreans walking around with these patches, so naturally, she wanted to try them for herself! “I was blown away by how well they worked without drying out my skin. I wanted more people to know about this amazing product and decided I would create a brand to make that happen.” shares Rhyu. 

Keep reading to learn the best tips for achieving clear skin, including valuable insight from the Hero Cosmetics founder herself! 

Double Cleanse

Double cleansing is essential to ensure the skin is clean and prepped for skincare. Rhyu shares that she is a huge fan of double cleansing and saw a big difference in her skin once she added an oil-based cleanser to her routine! “If you haven’t tried it, I recommend you try it, even for the oily people out there!”. 

Use Gentle Products 

If your skin is acne-prone, the last thing you want to do is use harsh products on your skin! They will just irritate the skin further. Rhyu explains that during instances when you do have breakouts, the key is to minimize irritation. “Use gentle products that are suitable for safe skin and resist the urge to pick at your pimples. Mighty Patch pimple patches come in handy here because they shield you from popping and picking while supporting a healing environment for your skin.”. She also mentions not to over-cleanse. Although the double cleanse has a stamp of approval, avoid stripping the skin with harsh acids or cleansers. Go with more gentle products! 

Protect Your Skin From The Elements 

Although sometimes pimples and breakouts can’t really be avoided, you can try to prevent them as much as possible. Protect your skin from external elements such as UV rays, pollution, and dirt. Always use an SPF, even if you’re not leaving the house! Opt for a sunscreen that also protects against blue light. In terms of pollution; environmental pollutants such as ozone are known to negatively affect the skin and decrease vitamin C levels. Add a vitamin C serum to your routine in order to protect your skin further. Lastly, avoid touching your face! Your hands carry dirt, oil, and bacteria that can cause breakouts on the face – so try to avoid touching your face and always wash your hands before you do. 

Don’t Pick Or Pop – Use The Mighty Patch

As much as picking at or popping an irritating pimple is ever-so-tempting, don’t do it! It can spread bacteria, which may cause more breakouts, cause the spot to take even longer to heal, or even leave a scar, which no one wants. Instead, use a pimple patch such as the Mighty Patch or Mighty Patch Invisible+ to help effectively heal your breakout(s). Tip: If you have a cluster of breakouts, use the Mighty Patch Surface, which covers a larger surface area. 

Use Ingredients Specific To Your Skin Concerns

Alongside using gentle ingredients on your skin, especially in acne-prone cases, use ingredients specific to your skin concerns! “Focus on ensuring your skin is balanced and in a happy state. If you have dry skin, focus on hydration and moisture. If you have oily skin, focus on things like zinc or sulphur to help with oil control. But above all, make sure you are being gentle with your skin.”. 

Implement A Healthy Diet + Stay Hydrated

We know. No one wants to hear it. But what you put in your body really does affect its outer appearance. Your skin is an organ, after all (actually the largest one). Ensure you stay hydrated and participate in a well-balanced, nutritious diet.

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