8 Celeb-Worthy Beauty Treatments You Can Get In Toronto

8 Celeb-Worthy Beauty Treatments You Can Get In Toronto

Now that TIFF has wrapped, you may be wondering how celebrities get ready for such events! From award shows, premieres, press, movies, and so much more, celebs seem to always be on camera or in front of a crowd. Although their natural beauty is a large factor, there are also some other aspects at play when it comes to celebs getting camera-ready for a big event such as TIFF – including an array of beauty treatments! 

But why should only the famous enjoy the luxury of getting a treatment to make them look and feel their best? Us normal folk deserve a celeb-worthy beauty service every once in a while, too! Whether you have an upcoming wedding, event, or simply just want to treat yourself – we’ve rounded up some of the best celeb-worthy beauty treatments to try in the city. 

Get camera-ready with these celeb-worthy beauty treatments! 

Microneedling With Exosomes @ Tight Clinic

Microneedling is known to be a popular beauty treatment amongst celebs to keep their skin in its best possible condition. The service refines the skin’s texture and overall appearance by creating micro-injuries, encouraging collagen and elastin production. Resulting in the treatment of fine lines, acne scars, and skin elasticity – to name a few! Tight Clinic, the well-known influencer and celebrity-approved clinic located right here in Toronto, offers SkinPen Microneedling with the use of Exosomes to take it one step further, allowing for even better results in less time! What’s not to love?

Lymphatic Drainage Massage @ Tight Clinic

It’s been said that celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Hailey Bieber, and Kim Kardashian turn to lymphatic drainage massages before events and big photoshoots, making their bodies look extra snatched. Tight Clinic offers a Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage that works to open lymph nodes and push water weight, toxins, and bloat out of the body, resulting in a contoured look! This service is especially great to have done a few days before a big event, like a wedding if you want to look extra “tight”. 

Hydrate + Glow Facial @ Formula Fig

If you’re looking for a facial with no downtime to ensure you’re glowing for your next event (or on any regular day), Formula Fig’s Hydrate + Glow facial is the perfect option.  It uses gentle microdermabrasion (a form of advanced exfoliation), to stimulate the skin, remove dead skin cells, and create an overall more radiant look and feel. You can get this treatment and walk out looking instantly refreshed and camera-ready! 

Teeth Whitening @ Schulz Beauty & Body

If you’ve ever paid attention to pretty much any celebrity’s smile, it’s pretty obvious that teeth whitening is likely in a lot of their beauty routines. This is one you can maintain at home with a product such as Crest White Strips, however, if you’re looking to really enhance the whiteness of your teeth – and fast, getting a professional to whiten your teeth is the way to go. Visit Schulz Beauty & Body to make your teeth visibly whiter in just one visit, without having to pay dentist-office pricing. 

Laser Hair Removal @ Waxon

Many celebrities have gone on the record sharing that they’ve done laser hair removal, including the Kardashian-Jenners! And is it just us or are a lot of celebrities virtually hairless on their bodies? Laser Hair Removal is the most permanent way to get rid of unwanted hair, and with the busy schedules a lot of these individuals have, who has time to wax or shave? Waxon offers laser hair removal on any and every body part you can think of. Note that for lasting results, you’ll need about 6 to 8 sessions. 

Lash Lift & Tint @ Flirty Flutters Lash & Brow

Getting a lash lift & tint is one of the more affordable celeb-worthy beauty treatments out there. And as simple as it is, it can do wonders! There are a ton of different spots in Toronto to get this service done, including at Flirty Flutters Lash & Brow. Lash lifts make the lashes have a perfect curl, allowing them to appear more voluminous and long. A tint darkens the colour of your lashes, making them appear more defined and noticeable. They typically last around 4 weeks and are super low maintenance. 

Chemical Peel @ Canada MedLaser

Apparently, Priyanka Chopra Jonas gives credit to chemical peels contributing to her radiant and even skin! Margot Robbie and Megan Fox are also celebs said to enjoy the service. Chemical peels use specific chemical ingredients to peel back the skin’s top layer, to reveal a healthy and glowing complexion. Canada MedLaser offers a variety of peels for various skin types, tones, and conditions, to help provide the best results for each individual. 

Spray Tan @ Beloved Spray Tan

It’s no secret that celebrities love a spray tan before hitting the red carpet. Even non-celebs are accustomed to getting a spray tan before a wedding, vacation, or otherwise special occasion. They are pretty affordable, take little time, and provide dramatic results providing an all-over-body glow, minus the sun damage. There are various spots throughout Toronto where you can get a great spray tan. Beloved Spray Tan in Yorkville being a fan-fave.

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