Mango Has Announced Major Expansion Plans For Canada

Another international brand is making moves into the Canadian market. The Spanish apparel chain, Mango, is planning on opening a ton of stores across the country and a Canadian eCommerce site too. 

According to Retail Insider, there will be around 20 new stores with some opening this fall.

A total of six stores are headed for Toronto and will all be open for shopping by 2023. 

Mango is known for its minimalistic, yet trendy items that are averagely priced. If you’ve never heard of or seen the brand before, you can pretty much compare it to a Zara. 

We recently reported that a Mango location will be at the Yorkdale Shopping Centre and is taking up a spot that once belonged to a Victoria’s Secret. 

Currently, since Canada doesn’t have any Mango stores, we’ve only ever been able to shop the brand in person at select Hudson’s Bay locations. 

Retail Insider has also stated that Mango has wanted to enter Canada for quite some time now and has finally partnered with Fox Group to make it happen. 

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