Meet Ross Mayer, The Designer Behind Mayer Man 

The mixture of luxury elements paired with laid-back cool pieces makes the collection synonymous with what’s deemed hip on the streets. It’s the type of clothing you’d picture on a trendsetter.
Meet Ross Mayer, The Designer Behind Mayer Man 

If you’ve been keeping up with TFW (Toronto Fashion Week), then Mayer Man, Ross Mayer’s debut collection, is definitely on your radar. The mixture of luxury elements paired with laid-back cool pieces makes the collection synonymous with what’s deemed hip on the streets. It’s the type of clothing you’d picture on a trendsetter; the dude you want to be friends with.

While his background has been in womenswear, Mayer found he could never find timeless, yet unique pieces that he really loved so he decided to take matters into his own hands. “The collection focuses on premium coats and jackets mixed with all the relevant street style separates with an amped up attitude,” he says.

And while the vibe may be noticeably different than his women’s pieces (they’re primarily centred around formal wear), the Toronto-based designer believes a big part of Mayer Man actually rests within his formal background. He explains that the ‘brands DNA lies in the ideology of “Luxury Meets Street.”

“In the collection, there is a real sense of polish and sophistication, yet it’s coupled with totally urban street style, which is totally modern.” From Mayer’s choice of fabrics and the pops of colours tossed throughout, there is no swaying from the luxury street style theme.

The combination of structured versus deconstructed elements fully contributed to all the makings of the collection. “I was inspired by a play of contrasts shown in tailored with, fitted [pieces], combined with relaxed and formal, teamed with casual,” Mayer states. “For me, it was all of these statements of juxtaposition that make us look at menswear in a new way.”

Mayer shares he’s all over the longer oversized trench coat looks, paired with the wider pleated pants. No one can deny that it’s a totally modern look that’s grabbing some major attention. If you’re looking to the streets for inspiration you’ve probably even noticed it popping up in womenswear with top models like Bella Hadid wearing the like.

Although, whether girls or boys wear it better is a totally separate argument. Regardless of the intended audience, it’s definitely a collection I’m predicting will be housed in the closets of Toronto’s most stylish (man or woman).

In terms of next steps, the brand will be riding the wave of enthusiasm received at the initial TFW launch. Every effort will be made to bring the product to the market as quickly as possible “making guys everywhere happy and stylish” notes Mayer.

If you’re looking to be among the folks who buy, Mayer has got you covered. “We will be launching our online site and shop late Spring 2018 and will follow that with several Toronto-based pop up retail concepts, together with the collection offered at select retailers,” assures Mayer.

It’s this business savvy and commitment to his consumers, along with the noticeable care put into every piece that is going to guarantee the Mayer Man brand’s popularity. “An amazing product is the sum of its parts. I am a details guy, so every small piece in a design I find majorly important and hope that reflects in my work!”

It’s quite clear that Mayer’s success lies in his commitment to the little things. You definitely have to give it to the designer… with his menswear collection, he’s succeeded in bringing those words to life.

Can’t wait for Mayer Man to hit the consumer market? Catch the brand at TOM (Toronto Men’s Fashion Week) where Ross Mayer will be showing his collection on March 10th. Grab tickets here.

Featured image: Instagram/@mayermanstyle

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