One of Italy’s Top Apparel Brands C.P. Company Makes Its Way To Canada

Italian brand with the 45-year history is coming to Canada and you should definitely check out! The brand is known for its hybrid designs that combine the functionality of vintage military, work, and sportswear.

Urban sportswear has been one of the trendiest fashion styles in the past few years and it can be traced back to one revolutionary designer from Italy that you may have heard of, Massimo Osti. He is the founder of Stone Island, currently one of the world’s most popular brands, but his roots in fashion began 7 years prior with his first luxury urban sportswear apparel brand, C.P. Company.

Massimo Osti is regarded as the ‘godfather of urban sportswear’ with his hybrid designs that combine the functionality of vintage military, work, and sportswear with intense fabric research and innovations. One of the innovative techniques that Osti is best known for is the use of garment dyeing, a technique which C.P. Company was the first brand in the world to pioneer in the mid-1970s.

One of C.P. Company’s most iconic designs is the ‘Mille Miglia jacket’, also known as the ‘Goggle jacket’ which debuted in 1988, and it features two clear lenses on the hood, resembling a goggle, and also one clear lens on the wrist for the wristwatch. In addition to the innovative designs that Osti is known for, his intensive fabric research led to his innovations in fabric with his invention of the Rubber Flax and Rubber Wool. These fabrics improved resistance while adding a new look and feel to the garments.

For those looking for C.P. Company products, they are now available nationwide at select retailers across Canada such as Bill Miles for Men (Toronto), Sydney’s (Toronto), The Coop (Toronto), MENS Collection (Montreal), and Ultimo Euromoda (Saskatoon).

Image: C.P. Company

Image: C.P. Company

Image: C.P. Company

Are you excited to see C.P. Company stores in Canada?

Featured image: C.P. Company

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