McDonald’s Canada Has Added New Donuts To Its Menu

Calling all sweet tooths! Mcdonald’s Canada has added Lil’Donuts to its menu and we couldn’t be any more thrilled. Coming in with five flavours, you’re bound to find one that you love.

The best part is that these are a permanent menu item, so you don’t have to worry about them being discontinued

These mini donuts are great for having a quick sweet treat after a yummy McDonald’s meal or even as an afternoon snack — because you deserve it.

McDonald’s Canada

The flavours of the Lil’Donuts are Apple Fritter, Strawberry Jelly, Sprinkle, Maple Caramel, and Boston Cream. 

Not sure which one to try first? The Apple Fritter is made with real apples and cinnamon to send your tastebuds buzzing while Strawberry Jelly is dusted with powdered and filled with a delicious strawberry filling.

The sprinkle donut is as cute as ever with pink frosting and of course, sprinkles, Maple Caramel is covered in maple frosting and is filled with gooey caramel cream and the Boston Cream is just how you would expect as it’s filled with tasty Bavarian cream and covered with chocolate frosting.


These Li’L Donuts retail for $0.99 for one, two for $1.79, six for $4.99, or 12 for $9.49, plus taxes.

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