McDonald’s Is Testing Its Beyond Meat Burger In Ontario Next Week

There’s never been a better time to embrace a plant based diet. These days, restaurant and fast food chains have been adopting the trend like it’s nobody’s business. Even McDonald’s is starting to jump on the plant based bandwagon.

It was just announced that fast food giant McDonald’s has chosen Southwestern Ontario as the market to test its P.L.T. — plant, lettuce and tomato burger — in 28 McDonald’s locations starting on Monday, September 30.

The burger will be made of Beyond Meat, a plant based protein that’s become extremely popular this year. Not only can you order Beyond Meat items on fast food and restaurant menus, but it’s also available to buy in various grocery stores so you can enjoy it at home, too.

We’re not entirely sure why McDonald’s chose Canada, and more specifically Southwestern Ontario to be its plant based guinea pigs, but we couldn’t be more excited nonetheless.

McDonald’s is just another restaurant to expand its menu with a plant based option.

Recently, Tim Hortons announced it was testing plant based eggs, and burger chain A&W has experienced immense success with its Beyond Meat Burger.

mcdonalds plant based burger
McDonald’s Canada

CBC reports that this pilot project is set to last to the end of the year, and it would be the burger chain’s first major push into plant-based eating.

According to Narcity, the McDonald’s P.L.T plant based burger will retail for $6.49

If this test is successful in Southwestern Ontario, it could become a permanent menu item at some of the chains 38,000 locations in more than 100 countries around the world. Talk about spreading the plant based love!