8 Of The Most Underrated Brands At Sephora

Walking into Sephora, it’s like walking into a candyland that’s filled with all the beauty products you could ever want. The beauty giant carries makeup, skincare, haircare, and various fragrances so it’s fair to say you could easily spend your whole paycheque there. Because Sephora has such a wide product assortment, it only makes sense that the store houses hundreds of brands. With there being tons of brands in-store, it can be overwhelming and since we’are all familiar the more popular brands, others can definitely slip through the cracks. There are so many brands carried at Sephora that don’t get the attention they deserve so we’re here to share some underrated beauty brands that need to be on your radar the next time you’re in store.

Here are 8 of the most underrated beauty brands at Sephora!

SEPHORA Collection


There’s no doubt you already know that Sephora has its own in-house brand, but for some reason this collection seems to get overlooked. The SEPHORA Collection is chock full of amazing products and they’re thankfully more on the affordable end of the spectrum, when it comes to shopping at Sephora. Next time you’re shopping at Sephora, don’t just walk by or over-look the Sephora Collection — it’s totally worth checking out!

First Aid Beauty


First Aid Beauty isn’t particularly unknown, however, it’s a brand that deserves a lot more attention, in our opinion! This skincare line carries amazing products, including its Ultra Repair Cream. First Aid Beauty is definitely worth a try, especially if you’re in the market for quality good skincare at a reasonable price!

ALTERNA Haircare


If you’re after luxury haircare, ALTERNA is definitely a brand to add to your Sephora shopping list. Inspired by the science behind skincare, this brand prides itself on purity and innovation. ALTERNA’s unique CAVIAR Anti-Aging complex works to help target the physical, environmental, and natural signs of aging and stress. This stress causes hair to look older and start to lose moisture, becoming dry, brittle, and more prone to breakage. 



Kaja is a Korean makeup brand with absolutely adorable and unique packaging with its “bite sized makeup.” Because packaging obviously isn’t everything, the brands formulas are also said to be just as great. It’s refreshing to see a makeup brand serving a fun aesthetic with a great product as heart-shaped products seem to be a running theme here!



Stellar is a makeup brand by Indian-Canadian television personality Monika Deol. The brands mission is to provide makeup that’s suitable for every skin tone. Stellar puts an emphasis on providing for medium skin tones, as the brand feels there has been a lack of representation on the market. Expect to shop everything from foundation and colourful eyeshadow palettes, to finishing powders and liquid lipsticks.

lilah b.


lilah B. is a unique brand because a lot of its products are multi-use as the brand strives to be minimalistic and simple. What we love about lilah B. is that it’s also a vegan and clean beauty brand. This is definitely a brand that deserves more recognition and a space on your beauty shelf!

Saturday Skin


If you’re skincare obsessed, Saturday Skin needs to be on your radar. The brand is known for using the Cha-7 es Complex, which is an exclusive peptide formula that supports skin’s regeneration process. Wondering what that means for your skin? You can expect your skin to be looking flawless. Who wouldn’t want that?



Verb has 50 products that you can find at Sephora! This haircare line strives to give salon quality results at a reasonable price —yes, please!. The brands product line ranges from shampoos and conditioners, to hair oils, sprays, and more. Verb even has products that cater to different hair colours whether yours is light or dark. If you haven’t checked out this haircare brand, it’s about time to do so!