This Popular Eco-Friendly Brand Is Entering Canada

Eco-friendly brand from the US, Reformation, will be entering Canada through opening direct-to-consumer stores. According to Retail-Insider, Reformation is looking to open standalone stores. This cutting-edge retailer will no doubt impress Canadians with its in-store technology, as well as their sustainability focus.

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The brand has become popular amongst celebrities such as Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and model Karlie Kloss. “The company says that its goal is to create designs that are sexy, edgy and feminine, utilizing sustainable methods and materials.” The clothing is very much vintage-inspired with more of a ‘hippie’ flair. Dresses on the US website usually range from around $128 to $218. Brand new designs are released regularly with about 60% of the manufacturing done in its LA factory.

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“The majority of Reformation’s woven fabric is made of viscose, a man-made fibre made from renewable plant material. Furthermore, nearly 15% of Reformation’s products are made out of “deadstock” fabrics — the company buys old, leftover, and over-ordered fabric from other designers and fabric warehouses. As well, between 2% and 5% of Reformation’s products are made from vintage clothing, which is purchased from wholesalers in the United States.”

Reformation’s dressing rooms also feature phone chargers, speakers (customers can choose their own music!), and buttons that allow shoppers to change the lighting to their preferred ‘colour temperature’ — settings include ‘basic’, ‘cool’, ‘golden’ and ‘sexy-time’. Such innovations are currently uncommon in Canadian stores at this time.

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