Here’s Where You Can Shop The Scarf Serge Ibaka Gifted The Raptors Team

Here's Where You Can Shop The Scarf Serge Ibaka Gifted The Raptors Team

Other than the actual game itself, the great Toronto Raptors scarf-off of 2020 might be the biggest competition in basketball world right now.

And if you’re completely lost by that sentence, allow us to catch you up. In an episode of Holt Renfrew‘s “Avec Classe” with Uninterrupted, Toronto Raptors Serge Ibaka and OG Anunoby go head-to-head over who started the scarf trend.

The two go back and forth over who has better style, when Anunoby fires off, “I put you on scarves.” He continues, “You saw me in my scarf, you were like ‘that scarf’s fire, I’m gonna get one too.'”

And just to prove a point to his teammate, earlier this month, Ibaka showed up to a Raptors game at Scotiabank Arena with what seemingly looks like the world’s longest scarf.

But then Anunoby also showed up with a scarf, making it the greatest scarf-off of all time.

And now, the entire Toronto Raptors team is on scarves, thanks to Ibaka.

Just yesterday, Ibaka, who is a Nobis global ambassador, surprised his teammates with super long — we’re talking six-feet long — oversized, double-faced camo print and Atomic Orange scarves, which you can see featured on his Instagram page with the caption “big scarf energy team.”

Luckily, for those looking to join the big scarf energy team, you can pick up one of the scarves for yourself.

You can shop the limited edition #BigScarfEnergy piece exclusively at Nobis.

The scarf Serge Ibaka gifted to the team is available for $250 and exclusively sold in Canada on Shop it here while you can — it’s sure to sell out!

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