Cumbrae's — Queen St. West

Located at 714 Queen Street West in Toronto, Cumbrae’s is a local delight for those who live in the West Queen West neighbourhood. However, they are also a must-try destination for food lovers across the city.

Cumbrae's is celebrated for its top quality meat and poultry from local farms, house-smoked pork, and other gourmet items.

Cumbrae's on Queen West opened its doors in 2014 and has found continued success. Additionally, they have shops located on Bayview Avenue in Toronto and King Street West in Dundas, Ontario. 

Cumbrae's Queen West storefront
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Simply put, Cumbrae's on Queen west is far from being a traditional butcher shop.

On the contrary, in a time where factory farming is so commonly practiced, Cumbrae’s focus is to connect all of the farmers who are still doing it the old fashioned way.

For instance, Cumbrae’s offers farmers a location where they can farm without the pressures of meeting large factory quotas. Without a doubt, they hold the utmost respect and care for their farmers, which in turn results in high quality meat.

Cumbrae's on Queen West freezer
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Certainly, Cumbrae’s is the real deal. 

Some notable farms that Cumbrae's works with are Haldimand Farms, Formosa, Scott Nieuwland, Southwest Farms, Appleton Farms, Fenwood Farms, Harrison Poultry Cooperative, and Metcalfe Farms. All of these are small family run operations, located in Ontario or Quebec.

Cumbrae’s on Queen West sells premiere beef, wagyu, chicken, lamb, turkey, and pig. However, they also have a wide section of fresh salads, sandwiches, cheeses, sauces, pies, and much more.

In addition to providing you with Restaurant quality meats, shop supplies local eatery's including Terroni, the Drake, and County General with the finest cuts.

Cumbrae's On Queen West in Toronto, meat cuts

Another service offered by the shop is curb-side pick-up for orders placed over the phone. Plus, you can even complete your transaction with the wireless terminal. Talk about convenience!

To sum it up, for farm-to-table freshness, Cumbrae’s is the leading choice. Above all, they are passionate about farming with a conscience and it shows in the high-quality foods they provide.

So, Stop by Cumbrae's Queen West location and check them out —you won’t be disappointed.

Cumbrae's on Queen West in Toronto, prepared food
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714 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada