De La Mer — Roncesvalles

Offering a wide selection of seafood including sustainably farmed salmon, De La Mer on Roncesvalles is far more than your average fish market. Therefore, it is no surprise the store has three additional locations across Toronto including Danforth, Bayview, and St Clair.

First and Foremost, the staff Here share a passion for seafood, which is evident as soon as you enter the shop.

Fresh Market Salmon

In addition to their passion, the employees at De La Mer are extremely knowledgeable. For instance, they always know where their fish comes from and how it was raised or caught. Consequently, they pride themselves on educating their customers on sustainable practices, which sets them apart from other seafood shops. It goes without saying, they are more than happy to offer pairing recommendations whenever they can.

Because of their principles, you can be confidant that your enjoyment of fine seafood isn't at the expense of the environment.

David Owen and Blake Edwards are the founders of De La Mer and wanted to offer high-quality seafood to their community. Both Edwards and Owen attended the George Brown Culinary Arts program. The majority of the fish they sell are either Ocean Wise or MSC certified, meaning no overfishing.

Salmon Burger

Along with De La Mer’s sustainably raised, ocean wise salmon, they have Lovell Springs rainbow trout and ocean wise Pacific halibut. Other house-made products include salmon burgers, crab cakes, and house cold smoked salmon.

The products carried at the shop vary based on seasonality, so you know it's fresh.

Great news! De La Mer also delivers, by using the Cornershop app, you can have fresh seafood brought right to your doorstep. Need a large order of lobster tail for your BBQ? De La Mer has got you covered.

Arctic Char

De La Mer even provides catering services, serving up delicious seafood dishes like smoked fish platters, shrimp rings, cold-smoked salmon, and of course oysters.

Visit your neighbourhood De la Mer today, to learn what a difference sustainable seafood can do for our planet and your taste buds.

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De La Mer — Roncesvalles

De La Mer, Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada