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SOMA Chocolatemaker is a locally-owned chocolate store that makes all of its products in-house using real cacao beans. From truffles to hot chocolate, SOMA is involved in all things chocolate.

Chocolate truffle display
Selection of artisan chocolates

The company is owned by Cynthia Leung and her husband David Castellan.

Castellan, who started out as a pastry chef, said he opened their first location in 2003 in the Distillery District, expanding another location to Spadina and King, and now its third location in Parkdale. With this expansion, it's safe to say they are crushing it in the chocolate game.

Castellan stated that they chose Parkdale because it was his home growing up and that the building itself was perfect as the company manufactures everything themselves and in order to do that, they need a very specific building that can house this whole operation and one that complies with zoning laws.

SOMA Chocolatemaker Parkdale is like the Apple store of chocolate.

Chocolate gift box soma chocolatemaker parkdale

SOMA Chocolatemaker's interior is a wide-open, bright space with floor to ceiling windows, and all of their products are expertly displayed on large wooden tables, like a chocolate feast. By the counter, shoppers can find a display case of high-end truffles.

As you browse through this selection, you can watch chocolate being made by expert chocolatiers through a large glass window looking into their in-house factory.

It’s a truly experiential and educational shop, perfect for Instagrammable moments.

soma chocolatemaker parkdale

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SOMA Chocolatemaker Parkdale comes highly recommended with 4.5 stars on Trip Advisor and Yelp. The results are in folks! Visit any three locations today.

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Soma Chocolatemaker — Parkdale

Soma Chocolate Factory, Brock Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada