Snoop Dogg’s New Wine Is Headed To Canada

Snoop Dogg's New Wine Is Headed To Canada

The celeb icon, Snoop D-O-double-G has a new wine out on the racks. The awesome collaboration is with the Australian winery, 19 Crimes. The Cali Red has Snoop Dogg’s face on the bottle, front, and centre. 

With Snoop’s values and activism, 19 Crimes felt like he aligned with its own brand persona, and so the wine relationship began.

The wine is now available in California, and keeping in touch with Snoop Dogg’s roots, this is the winery’s first Californian wine. 

snoop dogg wine

Wondering what the wine will taste like?

Its a combination of 65% Petit Syrah, 30% Zinfandel, and 5% Merlot. The wine is on the fruitier side with hints of vanilla and hazelnut.

The rapper is said to have been fully involved in the wine process, so you can expect you’re getting a full Snoop experience. The wine is welcoming to all, even the non-wine drinkers. The VP of Marketing for 19 Crimes, John Wardley, said in a release that, “I think Snoop’s going to capture their attention and their imagination.”

Cali Red will be in British Columbia and Alberta this month; Saskatchewan in September; Manitoba, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland in October; and Ontario in early 2021.

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