The Best Scented Candles You’ll Want To Burn This Season

There’s no time like the colder fall months to burn a delicious-smelling candle. The ambiance of the flickering light tied in with a welcoming scent that fills a room is enough to create an atmosphere you’ll surely want to cozy up in. There are so many great candles out there, from affordable picks to investment splurges, that you’ll never want to blow out. And although scent is subjective, we think we’ve found the very best candles to burn this season. 

You won’t be able to resist lighting these candles!

Bath & Body Works - Marshmallow Fireside

Bath & Body Works – Marshmallow Fireside

Picture this: You’re sitting by a cozy fire in a peaceful surrounding, roasting sweet marshmallows with a warm drink in hand. That’s the vibe this candle emulates. With notes of toasted marshmallow, fire-roasted vanilla, and amber, Marshmallow Fireside from Bath & Body Works is a must-have for a cold autumn night.

$27.50 @ Bath & Body Works
Diptyque - Citrouille (Pumpkin)

Diptyque – Citrouille (Pumpkin)

For an investment burn, check out Diptyque’s limited-edition seasonal candle, Citrouille (Pumpkin)! It has mouthwatering notes of chestnut and spices, inspired by traditional pumpkin pies, with crisp green accents of fruit. It smells like a home-cooked pumpkin pie is being baked in the next room!

$74 (USD) @ Diptyque
Yankee Candle - Red Apple Wreath

Yankee Candle – Red Apple Wreath

When picking out a candle, you want the design to be as great as the smell. Enter Yankee Candle’s Studio Collection! The collection features Yankee Candle’s fragrance in a simple coloured glass jar that would look great sitting on any table-top. There are tons of fall-worthy scents to choose from, including Red Apple Wreath! Which has notes of apple and cinnamon, perfect for fall and winter.

$21.86 @ Amazon
Indigo Scents - Crackling Firewood & Ember

Indigo Scents – Crackling Firewood & Ember

If you’ve ever strolled through Indigo, you know that the store has an incredible candle selection to shop, and they’re all quite beautiful. Right now, you can get the Indigo Scents Fall Collection at a bargain for only $10 each! The Crackling Firewood Ember candle isn’t sold out yet (so act fast!), and it smells like a warm hug (or spiced vanilla and cashmere, same thing).

$10 @ Indigo
Maison Margiela - Replica - Jazz Club

Maison Margiela – Replica – Jazz Club

Maison Margiela’s Replica candles are another splurge-worthy line providing candle versions of all the fragrances we already love. Jazz Club will leave any room spelling sophisticated and rich with its notes of pink pepper, rum, and tobacco leaf. Perfect to burn on a night in with friends!

$91 @ Sephora
Catherine & Co. - In This Economy?

Catherine & Co. – In This Economy?

The Toronto-based candle company, Catherine & Co., is known for its funny candle names, fresh scents, and reusable jars. The “In This Economy?” candle is not only the perfect conversation starter but also the perfect scent for fall! With notes of ginger, nutmeg, maple, and cinnamon (to name some).

$35 @ Catherine & Co.
Aromathérapie & Co. Fresh Coffee

Aromathérapie & Co. Fresh Coffee

Although fall candles can be burned ay any time of the day, a lot seem to be catered for the evening time. However, this Fresh Coffee candle is perfect for a crisp autumn morning to help make you feel awake and ready to conquer the day – as coffee does.

$11.96 @ Linen Chest
Bath & Body Works - Leaves

Bath & Body Works – Leaves

One of our favourite places to get seasonal candles is Bath & Body Works, so of course, we had to finish off the list with another one of theirs. Leaves has the perfect blend of spice and fruit scents, leaving your home smelling like a fall walk through picture-perfect woods.

$27.50 @ Bath & Body Works

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