5 Of The Coolest Cannabis Lifestyle Brands In Canada Right Now

5 Of The Coolest Cannabis Lifestyle Brands In Canada Right Now

Since cannabis legalization last October, weed (or marijuana, ganja, grass, pot, whatever you choose to call it) has blown up in more ways than one. As one of the first industrialized countries to legalize recreational cannabis (and the largest country to do so by far) we’ve been able to watch legislation fall into place, companies grow into mega powerhouses, and trailblazing brands establish themselves in the space.

We’re still very much so in the beginning phases of what this industry is going to grow into, but take a look at the top five cannabis brands to keep your eye on over the next few months.

Verde Vie

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Verde Vie is a super trendy brand that’s recently partnered with iconic Japanese artist The Moon Bacon to create a feminine line of cannabis products. Pink, fun, and useful, The Moon Bacon kit gives the cannabis user everything they need to spark up! It includes a rolling tray, papers, matches and lighters, scissors, and stickers. This elevated assortment reflects The Moon Bacon’s iconic imagery through VerdeVie’s signature lens blending the world’s together and bringing art to reality.


cool cannabis companies

Burb is where weed, culture and fashion intersect. This soon-to-launch retail company, hailing from Port Coquitlam, British Columbia has a 3,700 square-foot flagship store set to open later this year, with more locations to follow.

Their co-founder and CEO John Kaye cites his personal experience with weed drives his brand, product and customer experience. He explains, “Our team uses cannabis, we’re all high functioning, educated adults with families and ambitions. We want to sell products we’re using ourselves and make high quality apparel that speaks to a new cannabis culture — sans rasta-pot-leaf and inspired by our own environment growing up and living in [Vancouver] BC. Creating a culture one can associate with and lifestyle one can be proud of is our main focus.”

Tokyo Smoke

cool cannabis companies

Located on Queen West, Tokyo Smoke seamlessly blends the best of cannabis culture against the backdrop of a chic coffee house (with some of the best brews in the city). Originally intended to “provide a home in cannabis for those that didn’t feel like they had one,” Tokyo Smoke was forced to transition away from that image as cannabis regulations rolled out/were more strict than they had hoped (they had planned to be the first Cannabis Cafe in the country by being ahead of the curb, but unfortunately the Canadian regulations don’t allow this type of consumption in public like Amsterdam does). Regardless of whether you can consume cannabis in the store or not, they have an amazing selection of products available!


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DOJA was founded in 2014 by a group of forward-thinking entrepreneurs. Now a part of the Hiku Brands family, which welcome the community to co-work, chat and celebrate in a variety of private rental spaces with a boutique on-site. Proceeds from DOJA’s new PARDON apparel collection go directly to support Campaign for Cannabis Amnesty’s mission to petition the Canadian government in issuing a mass pardon of minor cannabis convictions, so it’s a product you can feel good about shopping.


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Tweed is a leader and model for cannabis culture in Canada as we know it. Founded in 2014, it was the first licensed cannabis company in all of North America to be publicly traded, legally export cannabis, build an online marketplace, and sell its recreational products nationwide. Residing in an abandoned Hersey’s chocolate factory in Smith Falls, Ontario, Tweed has also just put the finishing touches on the Tweed Visitor Centre, an immersive and educational opportunity for the public to learn about its operation and vision. Additionally, the Tweed Collective has committed to investing $20 million in resources for community causes across the country over the next four years. Again, a brand you can feel good standing behind!

Featured Image: Instagram/@hightea.life

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