8 Of The Most Fashionable TV Shows

8 Of The Most Fashionable TV Shows

TV, and really all streams of media, have such an impactful influence on fashion and style in the ‘real’ world. Some on-screen wardrobe is so good that it’s worth watching solely for the purpose of admiring the fashion. Or is that just us? From unserious sitcoms to critically acclaimed series, there are plenty of fashionable TV shows that grace our screens with the utmost style inspiration or, at the very least, stylish entertainment. Let the next TV show you binge-watch be a fashionable one. 

These are 8 of the most fashionable TV shows worth watching!

Sex In The City

Starting off the list strong with Sex In The City. All of the cast members have their own signature style, Carrie Bradshaw’s arguably being the most recognizable. Even if you haven’t yet watched Sex In The City (what are you waiting for?), you can probably picture an outfit Carrie has worn. And it probably includes a pair of Manolo Blahniks and a variety of textures and patterns. Her character just may have invented chic maximalism!


Friends, although more casual in terms of fashion, still serves as major style inspiration to this day. We can’t forget about “The Rachel” haircut that took salons by storm, after all. The longevity of the style featured throughout the show really speaks to how iconic it was (and is). From vintage denim to mini skirts and dresses, we can always turn to Friends when we need a dose of ’90s fashion inspo. 


If you’re a fan of the quiet luxury fashion aesthetic, you’ll love the wardrobe in Succession. Starring the uber-wealthy Roy family, money is no issue when it comes to dressing in this show. From power suits to expertly tailored basics, we’ll be continuing to take style notes while we take in all the drama. 


Since it’s a loosely based period piece, you may not exactly be finding fashion inspiration while watching Bridgerton. Still, nonetheless, the exquisite costumes are quite a joy to look at! From voluminous gowns to embellished dresses, you’ll never be bored while watching Bridgerton.

Emily In Paris

Don’t freak out. We had to include Emily In Paris, as no one can ever seem to stop talking about the controversial fashion worn by Emily on the show! Even if you don’t love her outfits, you have to admit they’re notable. Some have said that Emily’s style is supposed to be somewhat satire, an unrealistic depiction of French style from an American. She also tends to wear a ton of designer for a beginner’s marketing salary. 

The Crown

Since The Crown is based around the royal family, it’s no surprise that the style featured in the show is of royal status. Especially since it’s known to replicate real-life outfits worn by the royals, such as style-icon Princess Diana. While watching the show, you’ll see outfits ranging from business casual to special occasion gowns. 

The Sopranos 

As we’re currently in our #MobWife era, of course, we had to mention the show that was rumoured to start it all, The Sopranos. Both the men and the women in the show have memorable styles adhering to the “Mob aesthetic” that we’ve grown to know and love. From Tony to Carmela to Adriana, we’re obsessed with the on-screen looks. 

Gossip Girl

Ahh, the show that raised so many of us fashion lovers, Gossip Girl. The fashion in Gossip Girl was absolutely iconic and somehow seamlessly appealed to a mass audience. Blair was known for her preppy, put-together style, while Serena was known for her carefree, party-esque looks. And we can’t forget about Jenny Humphrey’s messy, edgy-chic style evolution and Lily Van Der Woodsen Bass Humphrey’s expensive attire. 

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