The Shoebox Project Recently Donated $50,000 To Women’s Shelters

The Shoebox Project Recently Donated $50,000 To Women's Shelters

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have unfortunately experienced many organizations having to hit the pause button on business temporarily or in some cases, permanently. An organization that is thankfully continuing its work is The Shoebox Project.

If the name sounds familiar, that’s because the organization is heavily promoted online during the holiday season. Plus, one of its founders is well known Canadian stylist, Jessica Mulroney who continues to share information on her social media. 

Although the Shoebox Project has announced recently it’s not collecting shoeboxes this spring due to the challenges of our current situation, the organization has committed to donating $50,000 instead.

This amazing amount of money will go to women’s shelters across Canada to help with the urgent needs those living there are facing.

The Shoebox Project was founded in 2011 by sisters-in-law, Jessica, Caroline, Vanessa, and Katy Mulroney. The four of them noticed that there were many opportunities around the holidays to give to folks in need, but there weren’t many solely dedicated to helping women.

Since its launch, the organization has delivered 245,000 shoeboxes to women shelters, which together are valued at over 12 million dollars.

Each shoebox contains items with a total value of $50. These items are geared towards anything that would assist in helping women feel more confident and beautiful like makeup, skincare products, haircare essentials, and more.

shoebox project canada
Faebook/The Shoebox Project

The organization now has around 70 volunteer-run local chapters across Canada and the United States. 

The organization’s volunteers collect and distribute these shoeboxes that are lovingly filled and gifted to local women shelters.

With the boxes you make personally being delivered to areas in your very own community, it allows you to really feel like you’re making a difference for people so close to home. The main focus of this movement is to show women, who may be struggling on their own or feel neglected, that they are loved and definitely not forgotten. 

Even though The Shoebox Project may not be collecting boxes right now, you can still join the organization in helping women shelters through a monetary donation.

It’s so great and promising to see organizations adapt to the uncertain times we are facing and are able to continue to help out the world when we need it most.

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