There Are About To Be More Cake Boss Vending Machines In Toronto

There Are About To Be More Cake Boss Vending Machines In Toronto

In case you missed the sweet, sweet news, last month a few Cake Boss cake vending machines popped up in the PATH without notice. These cake vending machines contain slices of cake from Carlo’s Bake Shop that’s owned by celebrity baker, Buddy Valastro.

Carlo’s Bake Shop originated in Hoboken, New Jersey but now has locations in cities like New York City, Las Vegas, Orlando, San Antonio, Santa Monica, and Philadelphia.

The cake vending machines were immediately popular, and folks can still be seen lining up for a slice of New Jersey’s finest cake.


Because of their success,  the company behind the vending machines, Express Retail Group, has plans to install more.

“Given the success, there are plans to potentially add more throughout Toronto, but specific locations are still to be determined,” said Chris Zownir, President and Partner at Express Retail Group in an article on BlogTO.

Originally the vending machines sold slices of carrot cake, red velvet, chocolate, and rainbow, but now additional flavours like vanilla confetti and cookies and cream have been added.

There’s also the addition of a new attendant on site that’ll help “to better understand customer experience with the machine and better gauge demand for that day,” Zownir said.

Right now there are just three of the cake vending machines in the PATH and originally they were being restocked just once per day. Due to its success, the machines are now being restocked up to four times per day.

cake boss vending machine

Even better is that these cake vending machines have room for eight full-size cakes. Here’s hoping that one day we’ll be able to buy the whole cake instead of just slices of the good stuff.

and you can get your hands on the Hoboken-style sweet near the food courts of Richmond-Adelaide Centre, the Royal Bank Plaza, and Waterpark Place.

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