You Can No Longer Eat Beyond Meat At Tim Hortons

If you were a fan of the Beyond Meat breakfast sandwiches at Tim Hortons, we’ve got some bad news for you.

According to Daily Hive, the beloved fast food chain has removed all Beyond Meat products from the locations that were still serving them.

The removal of Beyond Meat menu items comes less than a year after Tim Hortons originally launched the pilot project.

Shortly after the pilot, Tim Hortons announced that only locations in British Columbia and Ontario, where the items saw the most success, would serve the items. And now the company has kissed all Beyond Meat menu items goodbye.

tim hortons beyond meat

Beyond Meat items are no longer listed on the company’s website.

A Tim Hortons spokesperson told Daily Hive, “We introduced a plant-based protein as a limited time offer and to test the interest of our guests in having this alternative available. Ultimately, our guests choose to stay with the meat option in their breakfast sandwiches. We may offer plant-based alternatives again in the future, but we have removed it from the menu for now.”

So while the plant-based items might be gone, that doesn’t mean there won’t be more options down the line!

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