9 Tips To Shop Sales Like A Pro

9 Tips To Shop Sales Like A Pro

The biggest sales events of the year are happening! Before you get swept away in the sales madness, there are some tips and tricks to keep in mind while shopping to ensure you’re getting the most out of your hard-earned money. Listen, we love a good sale more than anyone. That being said, we know that some sale-buys are better than others. Therefore we want to help you avoid common sale shopping mistakes and share our best tips, so you too, can shop sales like a pro this season.

Shop sales like a pro with these 9 tips!

Create Wish Lists

Creating shopping wish lists in advance is one of the best ways to avoid impulse buys. This way, you know you’re only shopping for things you’ve already been eyeing in the past. Most websites will have a section where you can save your favourite items for later, utilize this! That way you can refer back and see if any of your coveted items are on sale, or generally just know what types of items you should have on your radar while shopping. We also love a good Notes App shopping list to refer back to. 

Have A Budget

Keep a budget in mind and stick to it! If you don’t have a general number in mind that you’re willing to spend, it can be easy getting swept away in the sales. If you have a budget, you’re more likely to be more strategic while you shop, only buying the things you really want. 

Shop From Brands You Trust

During sale season, you’ll come across a ton of flashy sales trying to draw you in, from all kinds of different brands. That’s great and all – but try to only shop sales from the brands you already love and trust to ensure you’re not buying low-quality, junky items. Especially when shopping online!

Pay Attention To Quality

Speaking of quality… Quality is also something to pay attention to while sale shopping. Read the fibre contents, washing instructions, and even reviews to make sure you’re buying something that will actually last. 

Do Your Research

One of the most important tips is to always do your research! And if you’re reading this list, congrats! You’re already there. Along with reading reviews and product descriptions, also take note of how much specific items usually cost to make sure you’re getting a deal, and compare pricing if other stores are selling the same thing.

Ask Yourself The Important Questions

Ask yourself questions like: Do I need this? Is this filling a gap? Would I buy this if it wasn’t on sale? Will this date quickly? Is this really a good deal?… You get the point. 

Visualize The Use Of What You’re Buying

To avoid impulse buys, simply visualize the use of what you’re buying. If it’s clothing, picture all of the different ways you can style it. If your mind is going blank, or what you’re visualizing is unrealistic for your style, maybe pass on this buy. 

Prioritize Shopping At The Brands That Don’t Normally Have Sales

When shopping during major sales events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Boxing Day, there are a ton of sales from various brands happening, and it can be overwhelming knowing where to shop and what sales are worth your money. Prioritize shopping at the brands that don’t normally have sales to take full advantage of the sale season! The rest will likely have another sale soon that you can participate in after your next paycheque. 

Check The Return Policy 

Something to always keep in mind while sale shopping is the return policy! A lot of the time, these brands are trying to get rid of particular items to make room for the next season. Therefore, the return policy can be super strict, even marking items as final sale. Meaning you can’t return it – even if it doesn’t fit. If something is marked final sale, ensure you know your proper sizing to the best of your ability if you’re shopping online and maybe avoid the pieces you aren’t too sure about.

Happy shopping!

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