Toronto Clothing Brand Honours Borough of Scarborough

Toronto Clothing Brand Honours Borough of Scarborough

Scarborough, one of the most diverse and multicultural areas in the GTA, has its own brand ambassador in Life and Wisdom, a Toronto clothing collective known for its caps, long sleeve t-shirts, and hoodies. Its unique designs feature popular hipster and hip-hop motifs and lyrics, with references to Hennessey and street culture.

While they’ve been around for a decade, Law and Wisdom gained attention in November, with its Scarboro’ long sleeve shirt, a design take on the Marlboro cigarette iconography. Another big hit is its t-shirt with ‘Hood Basics’ printed on it, a play on the Canadian grocery store Food Basics.

The collective, known as the L.A.W. Gang, originated 10 years ago in Scarborough during the growing Toronto streetwear scene, when a group of friends got together to create their own designs and images on clothing. Inspired by their urban environment and upbringing, the group reflects their society through their clothing.

Their products, ranging from L.A.W. baseball caps, flannels and hoodies, are available at their online shop. To maintain your street cred, make sure to don your L.A.W. gear the next time you go to the Scarborough Town Centre.

Source: Life And Wisdom
Featured Image: Instagram/@Lifeandwisdom

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