15 Places In Toronto That Will Make You Feel Like You’re In Europe

From bars to coffee shops to parks, there are hidden European-esque gems throughout the city that are sure to transport you somewhere else for the day.
15 Places In Toronto That Will Make You Feel Like You're In Europe

There are few things as appealing and stunning as Europe in the summertime. Exotic places, foreign languages; there’s just something so dreamy about spending a summer travelling through Europe. But not all of us can afford a plane ticket to the other side of the world for summer vacation.

Fortunately there are multiple places right here in Toronto that give off major European vibes. With so many European neighbourhoods throughout the city, it’s no surprise that Toronto has some of the best European cuisines around — next to the real thing that is. But it doesn’t just stop at the restaurants; from bars to coffee shops to parks, there are hidden European-esque gems throughout the city that are sure to transport you somewhere else for the day.

Here are 15 places to go in Toronto if you want to feel like you’re in Europe – no plane ticket necessary.

Colette Grand Café

550 Wellington St. W

Colette Grand Cafe
Colette Grand Cafe (Image: Instagram/@ColetteToronto)

This Parisian-style café is only a few years old but it has since grown into a King West area staple. Its a-la-carte and lavish Sunday buffet brunch, elegant atmosphere and pastel accents make this spot one of the prettiest French restaurants in the city.


Evergreen Brick Works

550 Bayview Ave.

evergreen brick works
Evergreen Brick Works (Image: Instagram/@barbifromtheblock)

Toronto’s Evergreen Brick Works can work for nearly any European country. Between the wildlife, sporadic graffiti and wide open spaces, this spot if the perfect place to escape Toronto and pretend to be anywhere in Europe for the day.


Tango Palace Coffee Company

1156 Queen St. E

tango coffee palace
Tango Coffee Palace (Image: Instagram/@lauratuckerslife)

Between the exposed brick walls and the plush, velvety red chairs, Tango Palace has taken a page right out of Belgium’s playbook. If the fresh brewed coffee isn’t enough to make you want to lounge under its coppery detailed ceiling, the delicious baked goods will.


The House on Parliament

454 Parliament St.

house on parliament
House on Parliament (Image: Instagram/@smiley_princess)

If London is calling but your bank account doesn’t quite seem to be getting the memo, head over to The House on Parliament for some traditional British pub fare and savoury European beers.


Uncle Tony’s

38 Wellington St. E

uncle tony's
Uncle Tony’s (Image: Instagram/@lynofay)

Everyone loves great Italian food and Uncle Tony’s does just that. This old-fashioned Italian restaurant has been serving up massive pizza pies for years, and although its decor may seem a bit cheesey (pun intended), the classic Italian touches does the country justice.


The Walton

607 College St.

The Walton
Dinner at the Walton (Image: Instagram/@ariadnamorogan)

The Walton is one spot where the decor has a very crisp Euro-edge to it. The dark mahogany finishes, leather booths and crystal glasses are like something you’d see at a cocktail bar in Vienna.


Bar Reyna 

158 Cumberland St

bar reyna
Bar Reyna (Image: Instagram/@impeccablymessy)

Bar Reyna is one of the dreamiest restaurants in the city with its jewel-toned and gold decor. This spot will make you feel like you’re tucked away in a small bistro on the Mediterranean coast rather than somewhere in Yorkville. Oh, and don’t forget to check out their secret garden; an all season patio hidden in the back with twinkling lights and paper lanterns hanging above. 


Toronto Music Garden

479 Queen’s Quay

music garden
Music Garden (Image: Instagram/@harbourfrontcentre)

Toronto’s very own waterfront garden is basically a mini Denmark tucked within the city. With all the foliage and the breathtaking views, it’s easy to feel like the Toronto Music Garden can double as European landscape.


Pravda Vodka Bar

44 Wellington St. E

pravda vodka house
Pravda Vodka Bar (Image: Instagram/@angelos_michael)

Pravda Vodka Bar is everything one would expect from a Soviet-themed bar; deep red upholstery, high ceilings, flashy gold accents and of course a large selection of international vodkas.


Dineen Coffee Company

140 Yonge St.

Dineen (Image: Instagram/@carmellac)

There’s just something about Dineen Coffee Company that resembles a late 1950s style Prague café. Maybe it’s the intricate tiled flooring or the large glass chandeliers, but regardless of what it may be, Dineen makes us feel like we’re in Europe with every sip of our latte.


Cluny Bistro

35 Tank House Ln.

Cluny Bistro
Cluny Bistro (Image: Instagram/@pourquoipasmary)

Cluny Bistro is filled to the brim with classic European flare. With its marble bar, coffered ceiling and eclectic tiled flooring, this place will make you feel like you’re sitting in a chic café in France.


Otto’s Bierhalle

1087 Queen St. W

Otto's bierhalle
Otto’s Bierhalle (Image: Instagram/@ottosbierhalle)

If you love all things German, this beer hall is for you. Who needs Berlin when you can have the traditional, sweet food and a variety of tap beers at Otto’s right here in Toronto?


The Wickson Social

5 St. Joseph St.

wickson social
Wickson Social (Image: Instagram/@rycebran)

With its conventional architecture next to its eccentric modern art, The Wickson Social takes you out of Toronto and drops you right into Amsterdam. The quirky decor and quality brews will have you saying “goede dag” in no time.


La Société

131 Bloor St. W

la societe
La Societé(Image: Instagram/@lasocieteTO)

With its amazing stain-glass ceiling and impeccable French cuisine, having a meal at La Societé could arguably change your life. If not, at least you got to spend an hour or two pretending to be Parisian.


Distillery District

55 Mill St.

distillery district
Distillery District (Image: Instagram/@bararie1127)

Toronto’s historic Distillery District is namesake in its own right but if one didn’t know any better, the cobblestone streets lined with little boutiques and specialty shops could easily be mistaken for a side street somewhere in Ireland or the Netherlands.

Did we miss any of the best spots in Toronto that make you feel like you’re in Europe? Share them in the comment section.

Featured Image: The Distillery District via Instagram/@solotu.ca

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