Toronto’s Hottest New Facial Bar Is Now Open

Toronto’s Hottest New Facial Bar Is Now Open
Bailey Grant

Welcome to Ossington, Formula Fig!

We were recently invited to check out Formula Fig, a game-changing facial bar that already has 3 locations in Vancouver and has just opened its doors to the public in Toronto, located at 50 Ossington Avenue.

If you’re not familiar with Formula Fig, it is an experience-led, science-forward facial bar (AKA, Fig Bar), founded by Jessica Walsh and Anita Chan, offering a menu of facial treatments, neuromodulators, and IV injections. As well as tons of high-quality skincare products to shop for! 

As soon as you approach its storefront, you’re greeted with a forest (pun intended) of green tiles and foliage, making it impossible to miss on the street of Ossington! Once you step foot inside you’ll realize it’s like no other facial bar you’ve ever been to—in the absolute best way possible.

You’re instantly transported into the London Tube, which this Fig Bar’s design was inspired by, and no detail was overlooked! It even has the same tiles used in the London subway station! Not only are you greeted with an aesthetically pleasing storefront filled with delicious hues of green, you instantly spot sight of its wide selection of carefully curated skincare products, some of which will be used on you during your facial. That way, you can take the facial home with you, in a way! 

Once you go in for your facial, you enter a pod that appears to go on forever, thanks to its structure and mirrors. Giving the illusion of being in an underground subway station.

Each facial takes a total of just 30 minutes (all except 1, which is 45 minutes).

Making it super easy to pop in and take care of your skin on the regular! All of its facials have no downtime, so you can even go in on your lunch break and be on your way with glowy, beautiful skin!

One of our favourite facials offered at Formula Fig is the “All In” facial, giving you a little bit of everything, making it the perfect go-to for first-timers trying the bar out. Our favourite part? The membership option!

You can choose 1 of 4 from its membership options according to your skin needs and budget: basic, classic, advanced, and ultimate.

With the membership, you receive a monthly facial along with other perks, like 10% off all products.

After your relaxing, skin-enriching facial is complete, Formula Fig has the best post-facial selfie spot that is totally Instagram-worthy. Its fig-inspired washroom! Its pink and red hues along with its circular architecture totally remind us of what the inside of a fig would be like, if the inside of a fig were a washroom, that is. The circle mirror with text that says “Give a fig about your skin.”, with a dried flower bouquet on the counter, tied in with pink accents and flattering warm lighting makes it hard to resist taking a mirror selfie with your newly glowing skin. 

All of the little (and big) details combined are why we think Formula Fig is going to be one of Toronto’s hottest facial spots.

If you’re looking to stray away from the average facial for something way cooler, you have to check out this Fig Bar!

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