10 Underrated Canadian Destinations to Add to your Bucket List

While there are national favourites and obvious go-to’s to visit like Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, there are also plenty of beautiful areas to visit off the beaten track.
10 Underrated Canadian Destinations to Add to your Bucket List

In lieu of Canada’s 150th anniversary, more and more Canadians are getting outside to explore their backyards. In fact, 60% of Canadians said they had plans to travel this year. While there are national favourites and obvious go-to’s like Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, there are also plenty of beautiful areas to visit off the beaten track.

This year, InterContinental Hotels Group invited Canadians to share their favourite travel destinations from coast-to-coast to create the ultimate list of Canada’s top 150 Hidden Gems. The list is expansive, and filled with dozens of must-visit locales, and below you’ll find 10 of the most underrated Canadian destinations, vouched for by your very own neighbours.

Take a peek and start planning your next vacation, or check out InterContinental’s full crowdsourced list here.

Alexandra Bridge, Quebec

underrated canadian destinations

This romantic bridge connects between Ontario and Quebec, allowing pedestrians to both walk or cycle across. You’re able to view both downtown Ottawa, as well as picturesque Gatineau. Whichever side you chose to stay on, you’ll catch a wicked view of the sun setting.

Altona Sunsets, Manitoba

underrated canadian destinations

We’d never leave out gorgeous Manitoba! Altona Beach has one of the best spots to catch a gorgeous sunset, so be sure to pause and soak one in on your next country road trip.

Basin Head Provincial Park, PEI

underrated canadian destinations

Located east of the town of Souris, this park includes a white sand beach, play area, food on site with washroom and shower facilities. Sounds like it’s got your family day out covered!

Ferryland Lighthouse, Newfoundland

underrated canadian destinations

Look no further for your next idyllic picnic location. With gourmet sandwiches and desserts offered in takeaway picnic baskets, you’ll kick yourself for not stumbling across this hideaway sooner.

Grassi Lakes, Alberta

underrated canadian destinations

These lakes lie in the southern Canadian Rockies, overlooking the idyllic city of Canmore. It is tough to find water bluer then these, as you follow the trail past a waterfall, eventually leading to the majestic, turquoise lakes.

Heart-Shaped Pond, Nova Scotia

underrated canadian destinations

This popular spot in Hemlock Ravine Park was created by Prince Edward, shortly after he arrived in Halifax, to commemorate the time his grandfather spent with his mistress. Explore this historically romantic, yet scandalous, spot hand-in-hand with a loved one!

Kakabeka Falls, Ontario

underrated canadian destinations

The second highest waterfall in Ontario (who knew we had more than one?!), provides incredible views all-year round. The Kaministiquia River has cut deep into the rocks of the falls, revealing 1.6 million year old fossils at the bottom.

Onaping Falls, Ontario

underrated canadian destinations

Another great hiking hidden gem – with lots of rocks to climb and explore through with the kids. It’s easily accessible just off the highway, making it an opportune pit stop to stretch your legs on family road trips.

Quidi Vidi, Newfoundland

underrated canadian destinations

Considering a neighbourhood in St. John’s, this area was originally famous for its provincial historic site, which had significance as a battery during the War of 1812. It’s now equipped with its own local microbrewery, as well as numerous other scenic places to visit.

University Bridge, Saskatchewan

underrated canadian destinations

Appropriately located in ‘The City of Bridges’, aka Saskatoon, this bridge spans the South Saskatchewan River. It’s most recognizable feature are its descending arches, which have been described as ‘like a stone skipping across water’.

Are there any other underrated Canadian destinations that are worth a visit?

Featured Image: Instagram/@eric.belleville

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