9 Weird Fashion Trends We Wish Would Go Away

Everyone wants to be the unique, but there are certain weird fashion trends that should go away. Here’s a list of nine. Did we miss any?
9 Weird Fashion Trends We Wish Would Go Away

Speaking of things we regret, we’ve all heard the saying “some things are better left unsaid.” What a smart person should have preached is “some things are better left unworn.” We get that everyone wants to be the unique fashion snowflake that they were destined to be, but certain trends touted as being, oh so cool, on Instagram are really just fads that should disappear. To save you the outfit embarrassment, we’ve compiled a list of nine fashion trends that should go away.

Man Overalls

Image: Instagram/ @oh_anthonio

While we feel like ladies can play the cute card and get away with overalls, the same does not go for guys. Men in overalls literally look like massive toddlers. It’s not a flattering look, period.


Aggressive Camo

weird fashion
Image: Instagram/@fashionnova

Okay, so there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of camo here and there, but when your wardrobe basically looks like an army surplus store, you’ve gone too far. This trend is starting to be a bit overdone.


Half Sweaters and T-Shirts

weird fashion
Image: Instagram/ @i.am.gia.thelabel

This is literally the most pointless piece of clothing you can buy. It accomplishes NOTHING.


Extremely Oversized Jackets

weird fashion
Image: Instagram/ @vetements_official

Oversized is one thing, but then there’s the extremely oversized and it’s just silly. You could cut arm holes in a sleeping bag for the same effect.


Small Sunglasses

weird fashion
Image: Instagram/ @roberiandfraud

Don’t get us wrong, we love the 90s, but the tiny sunglass trend has fad written all over it. Go to Value Village if you must. They probably have a huge collection courtesy of several of your dad’s friends.


Furry Loafers and Sandals

weird fashion
Image: Instagram/ @daniquevanberkel

This trend can die along with your sweaty feet. Let your damn toes breathe.



weird fashion
Image: Instagram/ @fashionnova

I’m sorry to tell you, but your name isn’t Kim Kardashian. We’re not even sure that she can pull it off. It’s an endless debate.


Matching Tracksuits

weird fashion
Image: Instagram/ @skylifestyle10

Not sure why this is still a thing. Matching tracksuits and velour rightfully belong to bored housewives. Someone needs to tell Juicy Couture to stop trying to make a comeback.


Velcro Sneakers

weird fashion
Image: Instagram/ @mimiandchichi

Honour the hard work your parents put into teaching you how to tie your shoes. This trend is clunky and should be reserved for children and seniors.

Are there any other fashion trends that should go away asap? Let us know in the comments section.

Featured image: Instagram/ @instastyle.tv

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