Moschino Laundry Dress: When Has Fashion Gone Too Far?

Runway designs are almost always showing off exuberant and extravagant pieces. But when is it too much?

Fashion around the world is constantly changing to be new and different. Designers love to shock their audience — and it’s almost expected. Runway designs are almost always showing off exuberant and extravagant pieces. But when is it too much?

Apparently, household items are becoming a big (yet unusual) trend in fashion these days. Creative director, Jeremy Scott of Moschino has created a clear dry cleaning cape and dress combination that is now deemed “high fashion.” It seems to provide some sort of protection for the garment since it can’t be worn alone. Glamour Magazine reported that this isn’t the first time he has turned regular items into fads; previous examples in his portfolio include Uggs and My Little Pony. The best part is, it only costs $700! Makes complete sense, right?

Image: Glamour Magazine

The dress (or known as the “cape sheer overlay dress”) made its first appearance at Milan Fashion Week as part of a collection inspired by trash. We aren’t sure how far it’s going to go but it seems to be making its way around the internet, at least. The Italian designer isn’t the first to come up with high-end versions of household items; Tiffany & Co. created a luxury section featuring home goods that included a $450 ruler and a $600 silver first-aid box without any first-aid items inside, according to Glamour magazine.

It’s now being sold by popular online retailer ShopBop in black but doesn’t feature the slipcover. Don’t worry, it’s not any cheaper in case you were wondering. Now, we just have to wait and see if it catches with the general public.



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