Where To Buy Your Last-Minute Halloween Decor

Where To Buy Your Last-Minute Halloween Decor

Halloween is quickly approaching, and if you haven’t decorated for the occasion yet, there’s still some time to do so! Stores still have plenty of Halloween decor to shop, and you can even expect to find some on sale as we’re nearing October 31st. It’s the perfect time to shop just in time for this Halloween, and you can save the decor in preparation for next year! It’s a win-win. From spooky-themed home decor to frightening outdoor decorations great for scaring your neighbours, these stores have it all.

Shop for Halloween decor at these 9 stores!

Spirit Halloween

The meme-worthy Halloween store, Spirit Halloween, has pop-ups all over the place for the season. It’s stocked up with a ton of Halloween costumes as well as some truly terrifying decorations. If you’ve ever visited, you know what we mean. As soon as you enter the store, you’re usually visited with animatronics designed solely to spook you. It also has a range of Halloween props, lights, and both indoor and outdoor decor.  

Home Depot

The Home Depot Canada takes Halloween seriously with collections of skeletons, inflatables, animatronics, lawn displays, and more! Check out its giant animated Jack Skelligton here! If spooky isn’t your vibe for Halloween, it also has a ton of fall-harvest decor to shop. 


Want to shop Halloween decorations on a budget? Head over to your local dollar store and shop away! Dollarma has an array of smaller decor items, such as cobwebs, foam gravestones, spooky door displays, and more! 


Walmart sells pretty much everything you could think of, so of course, it also has plenty of Halloween decorations to go around. The next time you’re shopping at Walmart, check out its Halloween decor section, which includes items like skeletons, pumpkins, light displays, etc. 


Whether you want to DIY your Halloween decor or buy it whole, Michaels has you covered. Its decorations feel slightly more on the elevated side; for example, check out this floral and skeleton wall accent (which is already on sale btw)! So, if you love Halloween but don’t want your space to look like a horror movie, head over to Michaels.

It’s My Party

Support local this Halloween at It’s My Party, located on Danforth in Toronto! The store is stocked with various Halloween items, including decor, of course. As its a local shop, you may even find something that no one else has, giving your Halloween decor a unique flare. 

Theatrics Plus

Theatrics Plus, located on Yonge Street in Toronto, carries costumes and decor all year round, and seems to amp it up even more for the Halloween season! If you’re looking to support local, this is another store worth checking out! 

Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire isn’t just for the handy people out there, it actually has a ton of decor options, including Halloween items. The store has a variety of options, big and small, perfect for spookifying your space. From fog machines to lawn and tree decor, Canadian Tire has it. 

Party City

Get into the spooky spirit and visit Party City for anything you could need in preparation for Halloween. Not only does Party City have costumes, candy, and party supplies, but it also has a lot of great decor items, too! From elevated Halloween decorations to haunting decor, you can find it all while walking the isles of Party City. 

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