Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors Has Inspired The AGO Bistro

Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors Has Inspired The AGO Bistro

Toronto’s AGO Bistro has been channeling its inner Yayo Kusama and creating food that replicates her art. The food looks pretty in pictures but it’s one of those things you have to see in person. Taste infinity through the menu – Head to caféAGO for a Japanese-themed Bento box, available each day in limited quantities. Make sure to get there early to ensure they don’t sell out!

Ponzu and yuzu-roasted salmon, chicken or tofu with Chef’s choice vegetables, soba noodle wrap, and bean curd pockets (Image by the AGO)

Sit back and enjoy afternoon tea (filled with dots) thanks to a Kusuma-themed menu with strong Japanese influences. Try the chicken katsu sliders or the Obliteration Cheesecake for dessert. AGO Members can come every Saturday and Sunday, noon and 2:30 pm. Find out more.

(Image by the AGO)

Chai cheesecake with blueberry, strawberry and pineapple coulis (Image by the AGO)

“In AGO Bistro, we chose to concentrate on the types of food that Kusama herself would have enjoyed at home or in her studio as she created her masterpieces,” said Chef Renée Bellefeuille. “With that as our inspiration, we built a prix fixe that reflects Kusama’s Japanese heritage.” The AGO Bistro will be serving unique Japanese flavours inspired by the Chef.

Selection of meats, fish, or vegetarian with seasoned sushi rice, sesame broccolini, mushroom potato soup and a choux au craquelin for dessert (Image by the AGO)

Get the Chef’s prix fixe lunch for $38 per person and pair it with a Kusama-themed cocktail. They recommend an Obliteration Fizz complete with rum, Calpico soda, fresh yuzu juice and fruit caviar. Book your meal today!

(Image by the AGO)

Before you leave there is even a pastry pop-up in shopAGO that will include Japanese-inspired matcha mouse cake, and yuzu and black sesame macarons. (**Limited quantities each day**)

Featured Image: (Creme Brule Goat Cheese) The AGO

Source: Artmatters.ca

Are you going to try out any Kusama-inspired tasty treats?

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