Where To Buy The Best Affordable Asian Groceries in Canada

Where To Buy The Best Affordable Asian Groceries in Canada

Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Thai. This is just a sampling of the ethnic food choices you can find in abundance at T&T, Canada’s largest supermarket chain. Imagine an entire aisle filled with all kinds of Asian noodles, another aisle filled with different of dumplings, and another with every kind of Asian sauce imaginable. Getting hungry yet?

If you like to cook Asian food at home, or prefer to take it home already prepared, T&T is the store that has everything, including free parking. Even better, the prices are very reasonable, especially on ethnic/exotic items that cost a fortune if you can find them at your local Metro or Loblaw’s. Items such as star fruit, lemongrass, pea shoots, taro root, and long beans are readily available and so inexpensive. Don’t feel like cooking? You can choose from a huge assortment of Chinese dishes on their steam table, freshly prepared sushi, dumplings, noodle dishes, barbequed and roasted chickens, ducks, and pork. Portion sizes are generous and well priced. If you go 30 minutes before closing, you can usually get 50% off on sushi. After a long day of shopping, you can eat at their dim sum café which is filled with a variety of Asian cuisine. Check out their weekly flyers online before you go to see what’s on special and sign up for their points card to collect points towards free food for every $20 you spend.

In addition, T&T sells cooking equipment, such and steamers, and utensils, baked goods, including fresh bread, pastries, and cakes, and has an amazing produce section. Check out their fish section, with their aquarium of live crabs, lobsters, geoduck, and fresh fish. Fishmongers clean and gut the fish for you. In their butcher area, you can get some great Asian cuts of meat, such as thinly sliced ribeye and beef short ribs. T&T stores are spacious, well-lit, and have the fastest check out counters anywhere. They also hold a fun-filled and popular night market in the summer.

 Would you eat these?

Headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia, Cindy Lee, a Taiwanese-Canadian, opened its first store in 1993. The name T&T represents the names of Lee’s two daughters, Tina and Tiffany. Since then, it has rapidly expanded to include ten stores across B.C., five in Alberta, nine in Ontario, including downtown Toronto. The chain’s 25th location will open at the corner of Bayview Avenue and St. John’s Sideroad in the fall of 2018. Loblaw Companies purchased the chain in 2009.


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