2023 Beauty Trends To Have On Your Radar

2023 Beauty Trends To Have On Your Radar

2023 is officially in full swing, we’ve already talked about the fashion trends that will be prevalent this year, so now it’s time to talk about some beauty and makeup trends! From underpainting to the butterfly haircut, we’ve rounded up some of the top beauty trends that should be on your radar this year!


Although underpainting isn’t a new concept, it’s currently all the rage, thanks to celebrity makeup artist Mary Phillips (famously known for being Kendall Jenners and Hailey Bieber’s makeup artist) for bringing it to the public’s attention again. If you haven’t heard of underpainting, the idea is to contour and conceal – before putting on your foundation to give an overall more blended and natural look. The key is using a lighter coverage foundation, so you don’t make the initial steps disappear entirely. 

Light Coverage

Light coverage foundations and tinted serums alike will become even more popular throughout 2023. People are ditching their full-coverage foundation and opting for something more natural. An amazing drugstore option is L’Oréal’s True Match Tinted Serum


As much as skincare isn’t really a trend, it’s self-care – 2023 is taking skincare regimes to a whole new level. Kind of tying in with light coverage makeup. People are choosing to invest in their skincare to get their skin at its most glowy and healthy state, rather than investing in makeup that simply covers it up.

Bleached Brows

Throughout 2022 we saw bleached brows become popular amongst some trendy individuals. At first, it seemed only the bravest trend-setters were participating in the bleached eyebrow trend, and as of lately it’s becoming a mainstream beauty practice.

Sparkle Eyeshadow

Just as sparkles are having a trending moment in fashion, the sparkle trend is also getting carried over into makeup. The shimmery eyeshadow look that is typically sported in the evening, is now socially “acceptable” to wear casually in the daytime. So, if you want to swipe some shimmer on your lids before heading into work, we’re here for it. 


Choppy layers, face-framing pieces, mullets, and “butterfly” cuts aren’t going away anytime soon! One reason people are loving these layered looks is that it allows you to experiment with different hairstyles that give a shorter-cut look, without having to actually cut off too much length.

Natural Nails

As with pretty much any other “natural” trend, it’s not actually entirely natural, but it gives that illusion. This natural nail doesn’t mean to stop getting your nails done, in fact, it means getting your nails perfectly manicured, filed to a natural almond shape, not too long, and in a neutral colour. So in short, not really natural at all. It’s giving “no makeup, makeup”.

Dark Liner

We’re going back to 90’s grunge makeup days with dark liner making a major comeback. The messier and more smudged the better. Pair a dramatic, lined eye with a lightweight makeup base and you’re set! Think Avril Lavigne or 90s runway.

Glowy Skin

That’s right, highlighters are coming back, although they never really fully left, they’ve taken some time out of the spotlight. We’re getting a flashback to the good ol’ Champagne Pop days. With the glowy and highlighted trend it isn’t just about wearing a shimmery highlighter, it’s about haven’t the dewiest skin you can achieve to go along with it – the goal is to trick people into thinking your face just might be wet. A blend of motorizing skincare, a dewy foundation, and a trusty highlight should do the trick.

Body Care

As more body care brands pop up – like JLO Beauty for instance, it’s becoming a normal practice to treat the skin on our bodies just as well as the skin on our face! With care products, skin glows, and more – your body deserves some love and attention, too!

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