8 Reasons Why A Vacation in the Bahamas is #LifeGoals

Considering a winter vacation? Here are 8 reasons why the Bahamas should be on your list.
8 Reasons Why A Vacation in the Bahamas is #LifeGoals

Whoever denounces winter blues as a real condition, can shove it. You definitely deserve a vacation, no explanation necessary, and you should leave ASAP.

While Florida is overdone and Mexico is less of a vacation for your liver, Bahamas could be your perfect winter escape.

Blessed by an always sunny climate, the tropical Islands are little slices of heaven; one of the main islands is even called “Paradise Island.” And for good reason – pure Instagram bliss is inevitable with picture perfect beaches and blue skies for days.

Here are eight reasons why vacationing in the Bahamas is #LifeGoals.

1. Sunwing flies direct

Departing from Toronto, Sunwing has more direct flights than any other leisure carrier, meaning getting to your sunny Island destination is easier than ever. Flights from Toronto to Nassau (the Bahamas capital) are scheduled every Thursday and Sunday until April 29, 2018.

2. The flight is only three and a half hours long

Paradise is closer than you think. The flight to Nassau averages at approximately three and a half hours. Better yet, if you hate flying or are just fancy, passengers can upgrade to Elite Plus for only $50. Hello, legroom.

3. You’re treated like royalty the second you arrive

Sunwing is the only Canadian operator who offers signature vacations with RIU Hotels and they want every vacationer to feel like Beyonce upon arrival. Think things like welcome cocktails, in-room liquor dispensers, 20% discounts on select local excursions, spa credits, poolside waiter service, and daily champagne breakfast.

4. There are no annoying kids at RIU Paradise Island

The RIU Paradise Island is an adult-only resort so your vacation won’t be riddled with the screams of spoiled children. That sounds like pure bliss in itself.

5. There’s a sh*t ton of food and endless cocktails

Unlike Cuba (sorry for naming names) the food is actually delicious in the Bahamas. The RIU features daily buffets for all meals, a number of a la carte restaurants and a cappuccino bar. Was a huge fan of the buffet doughnuts and Steak Restaurant. Two words: surf & turf.  

6. Your Instagram will thank you because.. beaches

White sand. Blue skies. Crystal clear waters. The beaches in the Bahamas are glorious. The serene environment is basically begging you to have an Insta photo shoot. Don’t be shy – live your truth!!! Even if it’s five outfit changes and 30 different angles.

7. Exploring the island is easy

Sunwing took it upon themselves to scour the Island for the best it has to offer and then neatly packaged those experiences into exclusive excursions. Sailing on a catamaran and visiting the local fish market are a must. Conch (the dish of the Bahamas) is freshly caught and diced up right before your eyes. If you’re a fan of ceviche, you’ll LOVE it.

8. The Bahamas is really, really cool

The Islands are rich with culture and have way more to offer than just idyllic beaches and blue shores. Among the pastel colour buildings, there’s so much history, including pirates, canons and an old fort. The Bahamas is also a major producer of cigars and chocolate with a number of workshops you can visit.

You won’t want to leave, ever. Enough said.

To book a vacation to the Bahamas, head to the Sunwing website.

What do you think about vacationing in the Bahamas?

Featured images: Aly Zorn

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