How Cadillac Fairview Is Making It Easier For Customers To Do Returns During The Pandemic

How Cadillac Fairview Is Making It Easier For Customers To Do Returns During The Pandemic
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Shopping during the pandemic just got easier. Cadillac Fairview has found an awesome way to enhance its customer’s shopping experience while purchasing items during these unprecedented times. The company will do this by introducing a brand new return system for purchases made both online and in-store.

The stress of having to make returns at different retailers in the mall or shipping out multiple packages for a refund is all in the past. 

Cadillac Fairview has partnered With ReturnBear to offer customers the ability to return items from many different retailers all at once. 

This system offers a couple of options for making returns. You can either bring unwanted items to a drop-off location at a CF mall or you’ll be able to ship everything (even if it’s from different retailers) in one package to a ReturnBear hub.

Not only is this super convenient for customers, but it also reduces the environmental footprint of shoppers since they won’t have to mail out several packages. 

Does it get any better than that?

cadillac fairview returns
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Executive Vice President and Digital & Innovation of Cadillac Fairview, Jose Ribau, spoke about the collaboration in a release saying, “ReturnBear specializes in consolidated reverse logistics which is basically handling returns on behalf of retailers and allowing for a customer to either ship their returns directly or drop them off at a location and essentially remove that pain point from having to worry about that themselves.”

These plans are set to happen later this year at Cadillac Fairview locations.

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