Come Shopping With Us: Where To Shop Spring Fashion

Come Shopping With Us: Where To Shop Spring Fashion

When it comes to shopping for a new season, you’ll likely have to visit multiple stores in order to curate a perfect selection suited to your style and needs. The odds are, you won’t be able to walk into one shop and completely update your wardrobe in that visit, nor should you want to! Different brands specialize in different items, and having a great roster of stores to visit on rotation allows you to explore your personal style more and shop the best from all categories. In honour of the new spring season, we decided to take a trip to the mall (Square One, if you were curious), to find the best of spring fashion. From wardrobe basics to trendy accessories, here’s where we shopped…

Here’s where we went shopping for spring!

Lululemon For Tenniscore

Tenniscore is a huge spring fashion trend this year! Even Zendaya is on board, taking Tenniscore to a whole new level while promoting her new movie, Challengers. While visiting various stores at the mall, we noticed a ton of tennis-inspired apparel, from pleated skirts to collared shirts, and Lululemon did it best (in our opinion). Since Lulu specializes in activewear, its tennis-related items were not only cute but also made for performance! Why not get a tennis skirt you can actually play tennis in, after all?

Old Navy For Spring Prints

If you’re looking to get your hands on some fresh spring prints on a budget, Old Navy has you covered! From pretty floral dresses to colourful tops, we saw a variety of spring-inspired prints and colours while browsing its racks.

Mango For Event Wear

Mango has been absolutely killing it lately, constantly providing luxe-looking apparel at a relatively accessible price point. Its pieces aren’t super affordable by any means, but in terms of special event wear, we think it has some great options! We’ll be keeping these pretty pink dresses on standby for wedding season.

Levi’s For Denim

You really can’t go wrong with a fresh pair of jeans from Levi’s! We’re investing in some lighter denim washes for the spring season, so of course, we had to check out Levi’s. Shopping for jeans can be a tricky business. You can find them for cheap and cross your fingers that they’ll hold up, or invest in a luxury pair and hope you never ruin them or change sizes. Levi’s is in that sweet spot in the middle, providing high-quality denim at a fair price.

Uniqlo For Spring Basics

When it comes to spring basics, we’re getting it all at Uniqlo! The store is practically dedicated to wardrobe staples if you ask us. We saw a variety of t-shirts, linen button-ups, trousers, tanks, and so much more while shopping its extensive selection.

Aritzia For Cozy Sweats

You may have noticed by now, but sweat sets are having a major moment, and Aritzia approves. Aritizia’s Sweatfleece line proves that sweats can, in fact, look chic. We may just need a set in every colour to get us through the spring season in ultimate comfort.

Dynamite For Going Out Tops

We don’t care what anyone says. Going out tops will always be in style. Whenever we have a night out on the horizon, you can bet we’re giving Dynamite a visit. It always has plenty of tops worthy of styling to go out on the town. It even has a category specifically called “Going Out Tops.”

Urban Outfitters For Festival Fashion

Festival season is here! Whether you have a festival coming up or simply love the boho aesthetic, Urban Outfitters is the place to shop. While at UO, we saw a wide variety of trendy boho styles, from crochet knits to long flowy skirts to fun accessories and so much more.

Frank & Oak For Stylish Workwear

Workwear doesn’t have to be boring, especially if you shop at Frank & Oak. The store was full of stylish options that could easily be appropriate for the office and then even drinks afterward. It’s giving quiet luxury minus the luxury price tag!

Ever New For Spring Dresses

If you’ve yet to step foot into Ever New, now is the time! We were so impressed with its selection of spring and summer dresses! They made us feel like we were on our way to the Hamptons. Whether you have an event coming up or are on the hunt for a trusty spring dress to have on rotation, Ever New is worth a visit.

Simons For Trendy Accessories

Let’s be real; there isn’t a whole lot that you wouldn’t be able to find at Simons. The place is huge and carries a vast variety of brands! That being said, one of our favourite sections in the entire store is where the accessories can be found. Simons always has a ton of on-trend and classic accessories to shop under its own house name as well as other brands. From hair clips to statement earrings to bags, we shopped it all.

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