Study Confirms Customers Are “Meaner” To Outlet, Discount and Warehouse Sale Employees

What is it with discounts that make shoppers get so intense?
Study Confirms Customers Are

What is it with discounts that make shoppers get so intense? As one of the premier creators of Warehouse Sale events in Toronto, we have our fair share of stories regarding uncomfortable customer situations, but it turns out we are hardly alone.

The CBC is reporting that a study from The Sauder School of Business, at the University of British Columbia, has found that consumers with a price-conscious mentality have a harsher view of retail employees than regularly priced shoppers.

“That [price-conscious attitude] kind of pushes us away from fully engaging with others as human,” said Johannes Boegershausen, a Sauder PhD student and co-author of the study. “It has this perverse logic to it, that I paid so little for it, so maybe the human associated with it [is] somewhat worthless.” The study was published earlier this month in the Journal of Consumer Psychology.

The paper discovered that regardless of the actual discounts, the atmosphere of discount shopping encourages shoppers to be less respectful to the employees that work there. It found that lower prices not only have an effect on the customer’s perception of the stores’ employees but also on the overall shopping experience. They discovered that price-conscious shoppers were more likely to give negative feedback towards employees. The study brings up the point that with discount shopping on the rise, it’s important for consumers to recognize that dealing with other crazy shoppers creates an atmosphere and negative sentiments. With that in mind, be nice to the person that trying to help you behind the desk, even if it’s at a crazy warehouse sale.

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