10 Fashion Trends To Leave Behind In 2019

10 Fashion Trends To Leave Behind In 2019

The start of a new year — and decade for that matter — can mean a number of things. Not only are we saying goodbye to the trials and tribulations of the year that has past, but we’re also welcoming a fresh start in all aspects of our lives. And that includes the coming and going of fashion trends.

As style writers, it’s our job to inform you of the trends you need to have on your radar and also the trends that need to cease from your wardrobe as soon as possible. One thing you’ll quickly notice in this article is a majority of the trends we’re going to see less of in the new year aren’t exactly classic or timely. They’re extremely ‘trendy’ and dominated the fashion industry because of fast-fashion brands and retailers and some heavy endorsement from popular Instagram Influencers.

Ahead, you’ll find 10 trends that were undeniably popular not too long ago, but are quickly nearing their expiration date and should be left behind in 2019. 

Chunky ‘Dad’ Sneakers

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One trend we’re excited to finally see a little bit less of is chunky ‘dad’ sneakers. Sure, they had a good run, but this popular trend is finally starting to cool off, so that means you’ll soon see less exaggerated platforms, flashy colour-clashing, and thick sneaker tongues. Let’s just hope you didn’t spend a fortune on this quick-lived trend and opted for something more on the affordable side.

Boiler Suits

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We love having a good one-and-done piece like a boiler suit in our wardrobe, as it’s effortless and powerful. But unfortunately, the utilitarian boiler suit is on the way out.



We blame fast fashion brands like Fashion Nova and ASOS for the outbreak of neon lately, but thankfully, we can say that this is a trend that won’t be sticking around for much longer. And don’t get us wrong, we love a bold, statement colour, it’s just that neon hues are a tad hard to style, not to mention slightly intimidating to anyone that’s not, well, a Kardashian. Because of this, neons have sadly had a short life span, and hopefully we won’t see them return for at least a few more years. 


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From bags and hats, to heels and accessories, see-through, transparent PVC took over the fashion world in recent years, but it’ll soon be a thing of the past as more timeless materials will be coming into play. Thankfully for the safety of our privacy (and sanity) this see-through, heat-inducing fashion trend is on the way out. 

Logo Mania

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From Supreme and Louis Vuitton, to Burberry and Chanel, high-fashion brands all heavily contributed to the wave of ‘logo mania’ in the past year, which included luxe pieces decked out with logos. But in 2020, we’re going to see less pieces over-saturated with logos and more wearable neutrals.

Leopard-Print Slip Skirts

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Try to prove us wrong, but 2019 was the year when you couldn’t go anywhere or check social media without seeing at least one woman wearing a leopard-print slip skirt. The trend made serious waves thanks to the influence of high-end designers, celebrities, and influencers which led to boutiques, fast-fashion stores, and everywhere else in between selling their own version of this trend. Seriously, probably half of your friends (including yourself) probably owned at least one leopard-print slip skirt. But alas, the fashion gods are putting an end to this beloved trend. 

Hair Clips

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In 2019, hair clips adorned with pearls, bold statements, and faux diamonds were the hair accessory du jour. However, now that we’re living in the new year, we’ll start to see a Blair Waldorf-approved option, the headband, take its place.

Bike Shorts

Bike shorts, which were extremely popular in the ’90s, recently had a major resurgence after Kim Kardashian and her sisters started rocking them with heels and sneakers, which led to fashion girls everywhere jumping on the athleisure wear trend. And while the shorts were everywhere in 2019, the trend is fading quickly, so you shouldn’t expect to see them in 2020.

Tiny Bags

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Tiny bags kept growing in popularity in 2019 even though they really made no sense, as you can’t really carry anything in them. This is most likely why you won’t see the trend again in the new year.

Seashell Accessories

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Seashell jewellery, including anklets, bracelets, necklaces, and drop earrings, had a major moment in 2019, but it’s time to say goodbye to the beach-side vibes and boho chic in favour of more timely pieces like gold and pearls.   

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