13 Of The Weirdest Fashion Trends Of 2019 So Far

13 Of The Weirdest Fashion Trends Of 2019 So Far

We know that 2019 is still in motion but it’s coming to an end sooner than we think. When we’re thinking about the year so far, it has definitely been quite the iconic year, especially for fashion. Every year we’re always blessed with some stand-out trends that usually don’t stand the test of time. Along with many amazing fashion moments we’ve witnessed this year, we have also witnessed some of the weirdest fashion trends. Putting all jokes aside and while some trends are “weirder” than others, if you like a certain trend, you should wear it, no matter how out-there it may be. 

We’ve rounded up 13 of the weirdest fashion trends that have been taking over the fashion scene this year.

Bucket Hats

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Somehow, bucket hats have become fashionable again. Bucket hats in all colours, patterns, and textures have been styled in a variety of ways all year. These hats aren’t just for fishing (or whatever bucket hats are used for), they have been making quite the fashion statement on streetstyle stars and celebs.

Oversized Clothing

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Oversized clothing has gone to the next level and it’s no longer just about rocking a baggy sweater. Folks have been loving oversized everything this year! We may have to give credit to Billie Eilish for popularizing this trend, since she is the queen of baggy and over-sized ensembles. We all love wearing an oversized piece, but a head-to-toe oversized look might only work for a few people and of course, Billie. 


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Okay, so most of us thought we had seen the last of Crocs, that was, until they started trending again this year. If you thought these rubber shoes were just useful around the cottage, you should check out how people all over the world have been styling up crocs, and making them look seriously cool again.

Cut-Out Pants

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Pants with cut-outs in the hip area have (somehow) really taken off this year. The trend has been popular with lots of clothing brands like IAMGIA, Fashion Nova, and Pretty Little Thing, to name a few.

Mini Bags

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Another weird trend that’s absolutely exploded this year is the mini bag trend. When we say mini bag, we don’t mean a bag the size of a clutch. These bags are so tiny that they can hardly fit in your iPhone. Although totally impractical, you have to admit that they’re so cute, right?

Dad Sneakers

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The dad sneaker has been a huge love/hate trend. One brand that really made the trend popular is Balenciaga. The brand came out with the ultimate dad shoe that blew up around the world, ever since, loads of brands both low-end and high-end have been creating dupes. But who can blame them, dad sneakers are super comfortable.

Fanny Packs

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Now, this trend has made a major comeback this year from originally dating back to the 80’s, when they were once trending before, however the fanny packs that are trending 2019 are slightly more edgy than their sporty past. Some people wish fanny packs never came back, but you really can’t deny how practical they are! 

Sandal Straps Tucked Into Jeans

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This trend might be one of the weirdest, but we’re somehow into it. Wrapping your strappy sandals around your jeans has taken off. It’s not that odd if you think about it as tucking your jeans into your boots is a common occurrence.

Super Puffy Coats

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Living in Canada, we all appreciate a nice warm winter coat so having a good puffer in your closet almost isn’t even a choice if you want to stay warm during the winter months here. It’s no secret to why puffer coats have become a huge trend, but some people are even taking the trend to the next level sporting coats so puffy, that they look like a marshmallow. If you want to stay toasty (pun intended) and want to stay on trend, this trend might be for you!


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PVC coats, heels, pants, bags, and other accessories have been quite popular this year. Whether you opt for total transparency or you’re more into the opaque vinyl vibes, this sleek and chic trend is here to stay. Not sure about rocking some PVC? Test the waters with a trench as it’s the perfect option for rainy days.


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Neon is back whether we like it or not. The loud and bright colours might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you have to admit that the neon trend has been difficult to ignore this year. In case you don’t want to dive head first into day-glo, we suggest keeping your ensemble simple and wearing one neon item.


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A trend that has taken the Instagram-world by storm is tie-dye and it’s not just tie-dyed clothes that are making a splash. It ranges from apparel and accessories, to bedding, and even nail art.

Square Toed Shoes

weird fashion trends

A weird trend that we thought would never come back is square-toed footwear. Somehow, this trend has made a major reoccurrence and we’re surprised at how much we love it. From boots and pumps, to loafers and sandals, the square-toe trend appears to be here to stay.

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