8 Fashion Trends To Watch Out For In 2020 According To Pinterest

8 Fashion Trends To Watch Out For In 2020 According To Pinterest

If you’re someone who not only likes to, but needs to stay on top of the latest trends, then this is for you. Pinterest has released its trend report for 2020 and while some of these fashion trends have carried over from 2019, there are a couple Pinterest trends on this list that might catch you off guard.

From luxe scrunchies and gender neutral everything, to hiking gear and a new way to do logos, here are 8 fashion trends to keep an eye out for according to Pinterest.

Beyond Binary

Keeping with the gender neutral trend that took over last year, the theme is continuing to stay popular. This year, the unisex trend is expanding from apparel and moving into all sorts of categories like baby nurseries, children’s names, haircuts, party ideas, and even wedding dresses. This is definitely proving that gender norms are truly becoming a thing of the past.

Secondhand fashion

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Another fashion trend that’s coming with us into 2020, according to Pinterest, is the secondhand fashion craze. With climate change being a serious issue that we’re all facing, it’s so important to live a low-waste life. And just because we’re being eco-conscious, it doesn’t mean we can’t shop so head to your local consignment, vintage, or thrift store and do your part.

WFH outfits

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If you’re someone who has a flexible working schedule and find yourself working more often from home, then this is for you. So often when we WFH, we stay in our jammies all day and while it’s comfortable, it’s just not motivating. Searches for WFH Wear that’ll have you staying cozy but still feeling like a boss in your own home have gone up 82%.

Hiking Gear

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Getting active and experiencing the great outdoors has always been popular, however hiking gear has not. That is until now because searches for hiking fashion, like comfy layers and boots that are good for long walks, on Pinterest have spiked 194%.

NASA logos

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While logo-mania continues to stay on trend, take your love of logos to new heights — literally. Searches for hoodies, hats, and jumpsuits featuring the NASA logo have gone up a whopping 106%.


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We all know how popular ’90s fashion has been over the last couple years, and another trend coming back from that decade is grunge. Think plaid flannels, ripped jeans, messy hair, combat boots, you know, the works. It’s so popular that Pinterest reports a 292% spike in searches for ’90s grunge fashion.


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Still running their course from last year are scrunchies, but in 2020 they’re getting a makeover. Expect to see scrunchies being made with luxe materials like satin, velvet, and leather. No longer are these babies being used just for when we wash our faces as searches for scrunchies have skyrocketed a stunning 6309%.

Y2K ensembles

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As mentioned earlier, fashion ’90s trends are still hot but as we’re onto a new decade, the Y2K decade has started to trend, too. So much in fact that searches for Y2K outfits featuring items like army pants and hip chains on Pinterest have soared 669%.

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