6 Women On The Fast Fashion Pieces That Stood The Test Of Time

6 Women On The Fast Fashion Pieces That Stood The Test Of Time

Fast fashion is associated with being, just that, fast. Items that you buy from retailers that don’t prioritize quality tend to fade and wear much faster than quality pieces, which can be disheartening. Buying quality items from brands that you trust is always the preferable route to take, but hey who doesn’t indulge in a little fast fashion once in a while right?

But today I’m here to talk about the success stories — the unicorns. There are lots of “fast fashion” pieces that stand the test of time with grace and ease. For me, that item is a faux-leather jacket from Forever 21 that I got about six years ago for just $45.

A quick scroll of my Instagram will show numerous pictures of me in this jacket because it goes with pretty much everything! Spring, fall, winter, summer, dressed up, dressed down — it can do it all!

I sat down with 6 Toronto women to talk about the fast fashion pieces that have held up well for them over the years. Read on to hear about these sturdy garments; it’s not all doom and gloom for the fast fashion game after all! 

Lindsey Middleton, Urban Planet Dress


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Occupation: Actress, Theatre gal, and Co-host of Happy Her

“I’ve had a dress from Urban Planet since I was 22 years old. Six years of dancing, travelling, summer dates, and valentines events later and this red number is still slaying it! In hindsight, I wish I had invested in a few different colours because it’s just such a great fit. This dress has been to over 15 countries with me, and I plan to take it to many more before finally retiring it.” 

Julie D’Uva, Zara Boots


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Occupation: Brand Strategist

“I have a pair of boots from Zara that have held up soooo well over the years; I’ve had them for about five years and I can’t believe that they’re still in such good condition! I get them shined and repaired every year to make them last longer, but they’ve just held up so well.”

Sydney Lauren Anne, Forever 21 Purse


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Occupation: Freelance writer/blogger

“I bought this purse from Forever 21 in 8th grade, and it’s lasted me 12 years! I still wear it all the time and it’s still cute; I’ve taken that bag with me on trips around the world, so I’m surprised it’s held up so well.”

Maria Frankis, H&M Top 


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Occupation: Actress

“This black tube top cost me $8 from H&M and I’ve owned it for at least eight years. So simple, so versatile. I love how it makes my neck and collarbone look, I’d definitely mark it as a successful buy; I don’t think black tube tops will ever go out of style, they’re timeless.”

Olivia Lotton, Zara Turtleneck

Photo via Olivia

Occupation: Student

“I bought this turtleneck about four years ago, and it’s just so perfect. A black turtleneck is really a timeless piece that I don’t foresee going out of style any time soon. It was about $25 from Zara and has held up so well. I’ll be very sad the day it finally decides to give out on me. But the good thing is, there’s always another one on the rack at Zara waiting for me!”

Cierra Badhwar


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Occupation: Student 

“I have a small purse from garage that I bought in grade six that has lasted me for soooo long, and I still love it! I actually use it almost every day. It’s so simple and minimal that I don’t think it will ever go out of style. I try in general to buy pieces that I think I’m going to love for a long time, but this one really surpassed my expectations.”

Featured Image: Instagram/@fashionhippieloves

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