10 Holiday Movies To Add To Your Watchlist This Year

10 Holiday Movies To Add To Your Watchlist This Year

Nothing gets us in the holiday spirit quite like cozying up and watching a cheesy Christmas movie. Whether it be a cult classic movie that must be watched every single year without a miss, or a brand new Christmas movie starring Lindsay Lohan. We’ve rounded up some movies that should definitely be on your holiday watchlist before the season comes to an end. 

These movies are sure to get you into the holiday spirit just in time for Christmas! 


There are two types of people in this world. The ones who love the movie Elf, and cotton-headed ninny muggins’. Elf has the perfect amount of humour and holiday joy to put anyone in a festive mood.

The Night Before

If you’re looking for more of an adult-themed comedy Christmas movie, you need to add The Night Before to your watchlist. It stars Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Anthony Mackie. The 3 gather for their last annual Christmas Eve together and search for the best Christmas party ever. 

Falling For Christmas

Falling For Christmas, starring Lindsay Lohan, just came out this holiday season and seems to have made it on everyone’s watchlist. The movie is based around a young, newly engaged heiress that had a skiing accident in the days before Christmas, leaving her with amnesia. 

The Grinch

Even the least-festive people can find some holiday spirit (or relatability) in The Grinch movie. This is one of those Christmas movies that needs to be re-watched on a yearly basis! 


Spirited hit Apple TV screens this holiday season and stars Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell, which alone makes it worthy for any movie watchlist. The movie is a musical version of Charles Dickens’s story of a miserly misanthrope who’s taken on a magical journey. 


A classic Christmas movie with a unique twist, Klaus is an animated movie about a postman who is sent to a frozen town in the North, since he’s proven himself to be the worst postman at the academy. While he’s there he discovers a reclusive toymaker named… Klaus.

Four Christmases

What’s better than one Christmas? Four! But not for this couple. Four Christmases is about a couple whose Christmas vacation plans fall apart, leaving them to attend four very different family get-togethers of their divorced parents. The movie is funny, heartfelt, and of course, festive. 

Home Alone

Who doesn’t love a little nostalgia around the Holiday Season? We definitely don’t need to tell you the storyline of Home Alone, but we will remind you to add it to your annual holiday movie watchlist!

The Santa Clause

This 1994 Christmas movie classic has stood the test of time, still remaining to be one of the best Christmas movies! After a divorced dad who has custody of his son on Christmas Eve accidentally kills Santa, he slowly starts to become Santa, himself. After you watch The Santa Clause, you can watch the two sequels that follow! We sense a Christmas movie marathon coming.

Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone 

Although, Harry Potter isn’t technically a Christmas movie, it sure puts us in the Christmas spirit. Specifically, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone has a Christmas-y feel to it. Happy Christmas!

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