I Tried Thrifting Kim Kardashian Inspired Outfits — Here’s What I Found

I Tried Thrifting Kim Kardashian Inspired Outfits — Here's What I Found

Watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians is totally a guilty pleasure of mine and Kim Kardashian West is without a doubt one of the most influential celebrities in the world. Love her or hate her, people love to know what she’s doing as well as what she’s wearing. After doing some deep searching through Kim’s Instagram, a constant trend I noticed throughout it is athleisure. She is the queen of making cozy look stylish and as I went through her IG, I saved some of my favourite looks she’s worn and I ended up with a fully stocked album. Then I headed over to of my local Value Village to try and recreate some of the outfits.

Keep reading to see how it went trying to thrift for Kim Kardashian-inspired outfits!

Outfit #1:

The first outfit I tried recreating was Kim wearing leather pants, a brown top, and a shearling leather jacket.

I found a pair of leather pants in my size, which was great, however they aren’t the style I was aiming for. These ones are skinny and low-waisted, which I didn’t love but I did end up finding an oversized leather jacket, which actually did a good job at hiding the waist-line anyway.

kim kardashian

I loved this oversized leather jacket but the only thing it was missing was the shearling! I ended up finding a green long-sleeved shirt, which I was okay with because it’s still within the neutral colour family.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how this one turned out even though it definitely isn’t the exact vibe, but I think it got the Gist of it. 

Outfit #2:

The next look is Kim wearing a grey-on-grey sweatsuit which could be so basic, but she somehow makes it look so cool and fresh. I found a pair of light grey sweatpants that I found in the men’s section and teamed it with a matching sweatshirt.

I actually flipped the band from the sweatshirt up to make it look more cropped and more similar to the one Kim is wearing (which to me, it looks like she may have done the same thing).

kim kardashian

This look is definitely simple, but I think the key to it looking so put-together is the slicked back hair she’s wearing, it adds an element of chic to it. 

Outfit #3:

For my next look, I used the same grey sweatshirt, which is ironic because it looks like she’s wearing the exact same sweatshirt she was wearing in the last look, too.

In this outfit, Kim is wearing green splash-pants with elastics at the bottom and while I ended up finding a pair of similar pants, mine unfortunately didn’t have elastic at the ankles which ended up changing the whole vibe of the look.

I did found a green bomber with an orange lining in the men’s section which was an extremely lucky find! The main difference is that the bomber she’s wearing is cropped, and the one I found is more oversized.

kim kardashian

To finish off this outfit, I found a pair of sneakers which don’t look too different from the ones KKW is wearing. Overall, I don’t hate this look but I didn’t love it either as there were a few style differences in the pieces I found which ended up changing the overall look. 

Outfit #4:

For this outfit on Kim, I recreated it with some pieces I had found from the previous looks like the same grey sweatpants, as well as the green bomber from the last look. Kim is seen here wearing a low-cut button V-neck top, a camo jacket, and stiletto booties.

She seems to be wearing what looks to be an all grey or all white outfit so I decided to go with grey because that is what I was working with!

kim kardashian

I found a grey button V-neck which was a pretty close match, but I couldn’t find a camo jacket so I just used the same green bomber as before! For the shoes I used a pair of pointed stiletto booties to throw the whole look together. 

Outfit #5:

For the last look I was inspired by this iconic look she wore alongside her momager, Kris Jenner.

I absolutely love the simplicity and chicness of this look so just had to try to recreate it at the thrift store. The closest colour I could find to the neutral colour she’s wearing is, surprise surprise, grey. I managed to find a grey pair of high-waisted leggings and teamed them with a grey sports bra. Kim appears to be wearing a tube top, but I had no luck finding one so I went with a sports bra which is a close second.

kim kardashian

However, the main attraction in this outfit is definitely the long leather trench she’s wearing and I was lucky enough to find a similar one! Although hers was a bit longer, this the the longest one I could find. I paired the look with a pair of “barely-there” heels, to mimic the clear heels she’s wearing.

To finish off the look, I threw on a pair of fierce black shades.

Overall, I’m happy with the looks I put together but I’m not going to lie, this thrift store trip felt pretty hit and miss and sometimes that’s just the way it goes when thrifting. It was definitely a challenge finding Kim Kardashian inspired outfits at Value Village as it took me a good couple of hours to put the looks I found together! I will say though that it really inspired me to jump outside my typical style comfort zone, which is always a good experience. 

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