15 Celeb-Inspired Fashion Trends And How to Re-Create Them

15 Celeb-Inspired Fashion Trends And How to Re-Create Them

Though there’s plenty of opinions about the blurring lines between streetwear and high fashion, one thing’s for sure: some of the most influential celebrities of the last decade have set new standards for what’s trendy or not. If you’re looking at the trends they set in 2019, streetwear, generally worn for comfort, was mixed and matched with all different types of luxury fashion items.

There’s no doubt that all the trends set in 2019 are going strong into 2020, so here are 15 celeb-inspired fashion trends that you can recreate yourself.

Oversized Matching Sweat Suits And Designer Kicks

Yes, the most lowest maintenance outfit has become one of the trendiest. Just look to Billie Eilish for evidence. The equation for recreating this look is simple: pick up a sweatshirt and a pair of sweatpants in the same colour, (whether they’re a part of the same set or not), and lace up your favourite name brand sneakers. Depending on whether you choose a bold shoe or one in the same tone as your sweat suit, slip on a pair of above the ankle socks covered in a cheeky print to add a more personal touch.    

Nude On Nude

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Especially after launching her shape wear collection, SKIMS, Kim Kardashian West has taken her love for nude on nude to a whole new level by parading around in an array of beige-coloured uniforms. If you’re dressing for day, pull on a nude legging and crop top to match. For night, take a page out of Kim’s book and try on a midi dress and a pair of calf-hugging, knee high boots with a bit of a heel.    

Logo Mania

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Logos on logos on logos — could there ever be too many in one look? Cardi B’s Chanel dress is just one lesson in logo-wearing. Even better is the fact that this trend requires minimal effort to achieve. Here’s the deal: pick a brand, layer multiple clothing items and accessories from that one brand on your body, and call it a day. 

’70s Inspired Flares

Bell bottoms are back, and we’re thrilled! It seems that celebs can’t get enough flowy fabric below the knees, and one of the best parts about this trend is that it can be executed in so many different ways. Next time you go shopping for a pair of high-waisted mom jeans, try on a pair with a wide leg or seek out a denim onesie like Ms. Chung’s. Need something to wear to a dressy function? Try on a pair of trousers with the same cut.   

Western Accessories and Footwear

A little bit o’ cowboy charmed many celebrities in 2019, as we saw subtle Western touches added to all kinds of attire. Just like Gigi, you can take cowboy boots from a day at the ranch, to the runway. As well as hardware adorned leather belts with big, chunky buckles, we suggest adding in sparkly rhinestones, too.  

Suiting Up

A good power suit is a staple in any boss lady’s wardrobe, and in the right fit, colour, and print, it’ll never go out of style. In 2019, full dress suits dominated red carpets and Priyanka Chopra was just one celeb that was a huge fan of the trend. Better yet, putting a tuxedo jacket with matching pants together couldn’t be easier. 

Acid-Tone Neon

Nothing was too bright for the eyes when it came to wearing neon in 2019. For the first time since the ’80s, celebs made it totally OK to mix and match day-glo hues of yellow, green, pink, blue, purple, and orange. Ashley Grahams’ full highlighter look is just one example. To approach this trend in a more practical way, snag a neon accessory like a cozy toque for everyday wear.

Full bodysuit-ing

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Speaking of easy-dressing, full bodysuits were worn heavily amongst celebs in 2019, though they’re another nod to the ’80s. They also became one of the most Instagrammed outfits of the last year, and the Kardashians and Jenners made bodysuit-ing even more common. Even if you’re not on a ski vacay, you can make this trend work for you with a one piece, pair of chic boots, and a few fab accessories like a faux-fur scarf a la Kylie.

Matrix And Terminator Shades

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Thanks to celebs like Kaia and Kendall, sunnies that resemble the shape of Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, and Arnold Shwarzenegger’s in two of the most-remembered films of the ’80s and ’90s have became a major trend again. So what are you waiting for? Trade in your aviators and start rocking skinny shades!

Sultry Silks and Satin

Who better to show us how to rock a ruched silk dress than RiRi herself? It wasn’t just this style of dress that skyrocketed to popularity in 2019, but silk and satin fabrics themselves. Not into wearing tiny dresses? Opt for a maxi skirt instead, or this cutesy emerald two-piece set.

Aeronautic Bombers And Rainbow-Coloured Puffers

Leather, sherpa, and pastel coloured bomber and puffer jackets covered the backs of many celebs in the last year. The bomber/puffer jacket trend may just be the most convenient of them all (besides the matching sweatsuits!) being that it’s super cold outside. Luckily, there’s no shortage of them at this time of year. Try this cropped powder blue option on for size.

’80s Bikers

Taking major cues from Princess Diana, biker shorts made a big time comeback in 2019. The extra special shoot that celeb Hailey Bieber starred in for Vogue Paris exemplifies the leisurely vintage look that took the internet by storm. Add a baggy sweatshirt and a pair of chunky sneakers to your biker shorts and you’re good to go.

All White Everything

Want to wear white post-Labour Day? We say go for it. Take Bella Hadid’s comfy jet look for instance: its minimalist and requires almost no effort, yet, it looks incredibly put together and clean. Impressive, right? While creating and pulling off an all-white outfit is easy, keeping it pristine will prove to be the hard part. Take on this celeb trend and start with this sweater and these sweatpants

Full Sequin Ensembles

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Put it this way: 2019 was a sequin moment. Sequin dresses, two-piece, and one piece suits all had their time to shine. In fact, Dua Lipa wore one of many bedazzled numbers featured on her Instagram right into 2020. We say go and glitter on in the new year with this chic glittery wrap-dress.

Head-To-Toe Tie Dye

Psychedelic swirls of vibrant primary and pastel colours were plentiful on the spring and summer runways, as well as in streetwear. Some celebs wore tie-dye top-to-bottom during the warmer months, like Taylor Swift. But in order to wear this trend throughout the rest of the winter, you’ll need some heavier layers. This hoodie and matching joggers make a perfect pairing and pop of colour, and they’re on sale!

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