Iconic Canadian Discount Retail Chain is Headed For Expansion

Iconic Canadian Discount Retail Chain is Headed For Expansion

Giant Tiger is now among the list of brands that have decided to expand its physical locations throughout Canada. 

The Canadian discount retailer has plans to open 41 more locations across the country, which would bring total store operations to 300. 

Giant Tiger is very well-known in Canada for its low prices on clothing, food, footwear, housewares, toys—basically everything you could need. Since the chain does sell groceries, it’s been allowed to keep stores open during the pandemic. This meant incoming revenue at a time where other retailers weren’t so fortunate. 

The company also has an e-commerce site where you can shop pretty much the entire offering that’s available in store.

The site also gives the option to either pick up purchases at your local Giant Tiger or get at-home delivery. In addition, the retailer recently opened a distribution center in Johnstown, Ontario, to fulfill online orders.


With a large number of brand-new spots opening, over 1,500 new jobs for Canadians could be available.

Store locations and specific dates have yet to be released, but we can expect some new Giant Tiger stores to pop-up soon!

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